Friday, May 1, 2009

If I could save time in a bottle

Before Allison was pregnant, before we were even trying and maybe even before we met, I had always thought it would be cool to make a time capsule for my baby when I eventually had one. A friend of mine bought his kid a set of baseball cards when his son was born and I thought that was the greatest thing I'd ever heard of.

Here is my rough draft of what I want to put in Baby C's time capsule and give to him on his 18th birthday. This list is subject to change and I am open to suggestions.
  1. 2009 Baseball card set - Any superstars in this year's rookie class?
  2. Newspaper from the day he is born.
  3. Pix of our house, cars, family & friends from 2009.
  4. List of prices of cars, houses, milk, gas, beer. From 76, 81, 09 to compare with 2027 prices. Holy cow! 2027 seems so far away
  5. CD of top 40 songs the week he is born.
  6. Playboy from the month he is born - This is what naked ladies looked like the year you were born. Maybe we should give him 2 or 3 months worth.
  7. A hand written note from Allison and myself to Baby C.
  8. Mets/Magic championship memorabilia (if they pull it off)
  9. List of the top movies the week he is born.
  10. 2009 money. Penny, quarter, dime, nickel, dollar.


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