Thursday, May 14, 2009

It's in the game

Tonight the Magic forced a game 7. Game 7s are the most exciting thing in sports. Nascar has the 'green, white, checker', golf has sudden death playoffs, but you cannot beat a game 7. I have been to 2 game 7s in my life. Both hockey, both Devils' games, both wins. One vs Toronto in the 2nd round and one vs the Ducks for the Stanley Cup.

I've never had season tickets for any sports, so when I go to a game, I like to get into it. I cheer for every penalty kill, every free throw made, join the slow clap when there are 2 strikes on a batter in a September game. During a game 7, I cheered as loud for the defense clearing the zone during a penalty kill as I did for a goal in the regular season. Even at home, every out I yell that much louder at the TV. When Floyd & Beltran struck out looking to end a game 7, I yelled and threw things. I woke Allison up out of a deep sleep. Can't wait to watch the Magic on Sunday, but don't worry. I will not yell or throw things for fear of awakening "the beast" ;)

The point of all this, I hope I can share my love of sports with Baby C. I grew up watching the Mets with my dad in the summer and the Islanders with him in the winter. Friends will tell you, if they came over, the game was always on. I'd always watch the MLB All-Star game with my dad too. Up until I moved to FL, every season, I wouldn't go out that night. I'd watch the game with my dad. I would love to have something like that with my son. 

There is plenty of time to make our own traditions and I'm looking forward to it. I'm not going to force anything on him. I want him to enjoy watching/playing sports with his dad and not treat it as another one of his chores. One thing that will happen, Baby C will watch Game 6.  (Game 6, 1986 World Series, Mets vs RedSox) Those who did not know what Game 6 was should be ashamed of themselves.


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