Thursday, October 1, 2009

Bears on my PJs

There are only a few people who have ever heard me sing. If you are not one of them, consider yourself lucky. I love music, I have over 3400 songs on my Ipod, but I am a horrible singer. Below is a list of people who can confirm this:
  1. Mrs. Duck. Elementary music teacher & choir leader. She recommended the band or orchestra after my audition.
  2. Some of the track team when I was a freshman in high school. We sang Boyz II Mens songs on the bus rides home.
  3. The people who went to see Bag of Doughnuts with me at HOB or Razzoos in New Orleans
  4. Anyone who's been to a Bon Jovi/Billy Joel concert with me.
Well since Ben has been born, I've really been busting out the tunes. I sing to him to try to keep him awake and entertained, so hopefully he'll sleep through the night. I tried TV show themes, The Golden Girls, Diff'rent Strokes, Fraggle Rock, but they are not as entertaining you'd think. So I decided to make up some songs.

I make up a new song nightly based on what pajamas Ben is wearing. The first song, that was remixed tonight was 'Bears on my PJs.' If you can't figure it out, there were bears on his PJs.
I don't just sing the song nicely, I sing it in a crazy voice. I can't really describe it, and you will not see a video posted here, but think Will Ferrell in Elf "I'm in a store and I'm SINGING!" or the video below. It's pretty close to what I do, including the dancing, I call it contemporary.

The lyrics to Bears on my PJs? I thought you'd never ask.

I got bears on my pjs.
I got bears on my feet.
There's a bear on my pocket.
On my blue striped pajamas.
(the I make Ben go)
I thought I told you that we won't stop, I thought I told you that we won't stop
(back to the song)
Bears on my pjs.
They're nice and warm for me
When dad changed my diaper
Sometimes I like to Pee
Not on my blue striped pajamas
But only on my dad
What's on my pocket?
There's a bear on my pocket.
I got a monkey on my bib.
There's a monkey and a tiger.
Wait, that's a lion
It's a monkey and a lion.

Well, that was tonight's song. It kept Ben awake for a good 10 minutes. It made me crack up and it may have made Allison rethink some of the choices she's made in her life. It's only a matter of time before I get into an Eminem like freestyle.

Quick, give me a word
Bananas? Is that what you said?
Bananas for the monkey on my bid,
Let's eat them in my crib.
Banana split, hack-to spit,
If you don't want me to pee on you,
you should really cover it.
I need another word,
Terd? let's keep it clean
I'm only 2, weeks old
I want an egg roll
I got no teeth to eat it
I never tweeted
I'm only 2, weeks old...

Ok I gotta stop now, I don't know what's gotten into me tonight, but I feel it would be best for everybody if it came to an end. In serious news, Benjamin is going to meet his other set of grandparents and one of his uncles this weekend. Looking forward to it.


Jenn C. said...

Hahahahaha.... oh, Randy would LOVE this post - I might have to make him read it. I can totally see him doing the same thing. I'm betting all this "creativity" is due to lack of sleep? =)

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