Monday, October 19, 2009

Return of the Green Goop

Don't try to jump ahead here, you won't guess where this is going. Green goop is not referring to something I found in Benjamin's diaper. It's not something I found on my body. It's not the Jets weak defense or their 5 interception throwing QB and it's not the Rachel Ray mess Allison made back in the day.

This green goop is the potato, broccoli and cheese soup Allison made for an appetizer tonight...and it was GOOOD. She also made a chicken dish and rice pilaf. What a great dinner. I could get used to this. I came home to a clean house and a home cooked meal. I need to make some more money so she can be a stay at home wife/mom. I need to write a book or invent something or win the lotto.

Anyway, back to the green goop. I'm so glad this meal came out good. Last week Allison made eggplant parm and I didn't exactly enjoy it. I felt really bad because she was so excited about the meal, she worked hard on it all day while she was taking care of Ben. Well, I'll never request eggplant parm, but she can make the new and improved green goop anytime.


Jenn C. said...

Yum, the green goop sounded good. Eggplant parm is a lot of work - too bad you didn't like it. For your own sake, I hope you ate it & smiled b/c if I were Allison, it might have gotten ugly. lol. Tell Allison I said Hi. =)

Anthony C said...

Hey Jenn,
I did not eat much of the eggplant parm and it did get a little ugly.

Jenn C. said...

All I have to say is "Hahahahaha" That and, next time, fake it!!! LOL

Anthony C said...

I tried to fake it. I was doing ok, I would stuff a small piece down with a lot of pasta, but then I got a piece of eggplant that was all seeds and it grossed me out. I was done after that.

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