Monday, June 29, 2009

89 days

That's right. Only 89 days until Baby C will be here and Allison and I will be parents. 89 days until he is running a muck...well he won't be running a muck, but will be keeping us awake with his own unique brand of ruckus.

89 days, let me break that down for you. If you bought a refurbished Ipod or a toaster or anything from Target, basically anything you bought yesterday that has a 90 day warranty, when my son is born, you have one day left to return that item. That's less than 3 months. It's starting to feel real and I'm starting to get very excited.

I was talking to Allison yesterday about some of my favorite books when I was a kid. I told her I wanted Baby C to read them when he was old enough. Today I made a breakthrough. Why wait until he is old enough?? I can read them to him right now. He can hear me. I'm supposed to be talking to him so he can recognize my voice. Good idea right? I thought so. I've really run out of things to say to her belly. S0 I can either 1) Act out scenes from my favorite movies: It doesn't matter what I say, so I can really say anything. Recognize these movies?
  • I'm SINGING....I'm in a store and I'm SINGING!
  • The next time we see sky it'll be over another town. The next time you take a test, it'll be in some other school. Our parents, they want the bestest stuff for us. But right now they gotta do what's right for them, 'cause it's their time. Their time, up there. Down here it's our time. It's our time down here. That's all over the second we ride up Troy's bucket.
  • You know, I don't really recall. Starts with an S! Let's see. Swim? Swammi? Slippy? Slappy? Swenson? Swanson? Maybe it's on the briefcase. Oh, yeah! It's right here Samsonite! I was way off! I knew it started with an S, though.
  • Doc, you better back up, you don't have enough road to get to 88 MPH. Roads, where we're going, we don't need, roads.
or 2) I can head to the library right now and pick up the books in question. 'Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing' and 'SuperFudge' both by Judy Blume. Currently I don't remember much about those books. Honestly I remember something about a turtle in Tales of a Forth Grade Nothing and in Superfudge, the only thing I remember is when Fudge says he "wants to be a bird" when he grows up.

That is the first time I think I ever laughed while reading a book. I hated reading growing up. I would much rather be playing video games or riding my bike. I thought reading was a form of punishment. But when I read that part I thought, hey, maybe this reading thing isn't that bad. I still didn't read much after that though.

I read so little that my parents were worried that I didn't know how to read or that I was what the professionals call "a little slow." They took me to a reading center and I tested off the charts. Turns out that I can read just fine, I just didn't want to. I think i was in the 4th or 5th grade and I was reading at a 12th grade level. Something crazy like that. Anyway, they said I was borderline genius.

Usually when I retell the story, I leave out that borderline part and just tell people "I'm a genius, I took a test." Needless to say, my parents were happy to hear the results, but pissed at the same time that they had to waste a day at the testing center and pay for tests. Whoops. Sorry guys.

So, back to my two ideas, and remember, they are genius ideas, movie quotes or reading books. I think both will drive Allison equally as crazy and would only be tolerated minutes at a time.

American you decide. For movie quotes call 866.IDOLS04, that's 866.436.5704 or you can txt your vote on AT&T to 5704. Standard txt msg rates apply, remember these are 866 not 800 numbers. There I go quoting again, that's from American Idol, so don't call or txt, it won't count, but feel free to comment or email me.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Transformers post take 2

This is the second post I've written tonight. I had written all about the differences between the movies my father first saw as a child in the theater and how they had morphed into what we see today. Then I wondered what changes Baby C would have to look forward to.

I went on to list about 40 of my favorite Sci-Fi pictures and a list of my top 20 Sci-Fi chicks (with pix). I decided not to post it. I'm not really sure why. It was fun to write, I enjoyed looking up the pix of my top 20, but for some reason, I just don't feel like posting it. I think I'm in some sort of funk. It's been on and off for about a week, trying to shake it, hopefully soon. Maybe someday I'll post the lists, but not tonight.

Oh, about Transformers. SPOILER ALERT...Don't read on if you don't want to hear about the movie. I liked it. It very much reminded me of the original. The desert fight scenes, that could have been footage from the first movie. Megan Fox was out hotted by Isabel Lucas. Sam's mother had some very funny lines. I hope for Transformers 3, they change it up a little bit. Enough with the desert.

June 25, 1994

Fifteen years ago yesterday I was in the Islip High School gymnasium with 185 of my fellow classmates. It was graduation day. We had just witnessed the OJ slow speed chase in the Bronco, the Knicks lost in the NBA Finals, unfortunately the Rangers won the Stanley Cup and we were finally done with high school.

No more waking up early and having to be somewhere by a certain time. No answering to anybody but ourselves. It was going to be great. Well, we learned that isn't exactly how the world is outside of high school. The real world isn't that much different than high school. No lockers or gym class, but there are still cliques, still teachers and principals (supervisors & managers) telling you what to do. And you still wonder how the worst ones keep their jobs year after year and the good ones get let go.

Fifteen years ago: Nobody would have ever thought September 11th could happen here; to us. Pluto was still a planet. Windows 95 hadn't been released yet. President Clinton hadn't yet had an "improper physical relationship" with Monica Lewinsky. Jessie Ventura and Arnold Schwarzenegger were still a wrestler and an actor. The Euro had not been introduced. The Columbine shooting had not yet occurred. The Y2K scare was 6 years away and not even a blip on our radar. Princess Diana was still alive and beloved by all. An African American President was only a reality in motion pictures.

All these events Baby C will someday learn about in school. What other events that we lived through will he read about in school? What events/discoveries that we learned about in school will be replaced in the lesson plans? What will happen in the next 18 years? It's pretty exciting if you think about it.

I'm glad math and English haven't changed. I'm good at math. You should see my long division, it's quite lovely. Dividing by a fraction? No problem. I'm good until about Calc, then Baby C will have to talk to his mother. It gets a little hazy once we hit Calc.

The last assignment I remember from SR year was an English assignment. Mrs Graff had us give a SR Goodbye speech. There were some good ones and some bad ones. There were speeches given by classmates that I don't think I'd ever heard speak before. I remember one speech by Bridgette Z being excellent. In her speech she said something like this "there are rocks out there. you can trip on them or use them as stepping stones..." I thought that was a really smart statement and it's stuck with me for 15 years.

I fished out my notes from my SR Goodbye speech. Let's see how much of it I can put together. Enjoy.

"The day we've been waiting for is coming up pretty quickly. On June 25th we are finally done with school...until August when we have to go back. But that's OK. College is going to be different than High School. It's going to be better.

For 1, we get to make our own schedules. No more classes at 7:30 in the morning. You can take 2 subjects a day and not have to worry about studying for a math test, an English test, a Spanish test and a chemistry test all on the same day. Not that we actually's just the principal of the thing.

One thing I'm going to miss about high school is all the friends I've made through the years. Whether it be teachers or kids, at least I'll have the memories.

I remember in 9th grade getting thrown out of the library with Omar for reading a book about herpes with Omar. Then the same year our Earth Science teacher asking if we wanted to hold hands in the hall.

I remember the whole class getting yelled at by Miss Dante on the first day of 10th grade. Even though I didn't like her, I'll always remember her for her pauses during the middle of her sentence and her flip flops with the jingle bells on them.

This year and last year I had a lot of firsts. My first car. My first accident. My first time getting pulled over by a cop, hopefully that's a last. I thought i had my first true love. when I was around her I would start to sweat and start shaking. It turned out that I was allergic to her perfume.

I'll always remember that the Prom was on my birthday and of course graduation. Now that it's getting so close, I'm starting to get scared. The thought of having to grow up is scary. No more putting thumb tacks on people's chairs. I have to be responsible and mature. One mistake can ruin my entire life. It can decide if I'm rolling in the dough or asking if you'd like to supersize that for just 39 cents.

It's scary, but I'm sure I'll do fine. I'll be OK. I hope you all have a nice life and succeed in whatever you try. See you at the reunion."

Note to 1994 think graduating high school is scary, wait until you get married have two mortgages and a kid on the way. You'll really know something about being scared then. And don't worry, you are 33 years old now and haven't matured all that much.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

King of Pop has died

Micheal Jackson died today after suffering from Cardiac Arrest. He had some personal issues and did some things I didn't agree with, but you cannot argue that as a musician, dancer, writer and entertainer he was an absolute genius. The likes of which have not been challenged by anyone since in my 33 years on this Earth. I hope he is remembered for his talent and not his freak show antics. I will introduce him to Baby C as the King of Pop.

This was my generation's Elvis or The Beatles. I think with the exception of Princess Diana, this is the biggest loss of a celebrity that my generation has witnessed. We all grew up with him. ABC or Rockin Robin were possibly the first songs we sang along to. They are some of the first songs I remember anyway. It's a sad day.

I remember doing the moonwalk, the Thriller dance, trying to do that 45 degree lean from Smooth Criminal. I know I'm not alone here. I'm willing to bet that almost everyone you know under 70 has tried to do the moonwalk.

Listed below are some of my favorite songs by Michael Jackson. These are just his solo pop songs. There are Jackson 5 songs and Christmas songs that I love too that aren't listed.
Another Part of Me
Beat It
Billie Jean
Black or White
Dirty Diana
Don't Stop Til You Get Enough
The Girl is Mine
Heal The World
Human NAture
I Just Can't Stop Loving You
I Want You Back
Leave Me Alone
Man in the Mirror
Off the Wall
One More Chance
Remember the Time
Rock With You
Say Say Say
She's Out of My Life
Smooth Criminal
Wanna Be Startin Somthin
The Way You Make Me Feel
We Are the World
Will You Be There
You Are Not Alone

Some of my favorite videos of all time are by MJ.
Thriller was an event. MTV released it like a movie and had a countown to it.
Billie Jean was the coolest thing I'd ever seen. He made the sidewalk light up and turned into a panther.
Smooth Criminal he leaned at a 45 degree angle, then turned into a robot. The boy was BAD.

Here is what I could find on youtube.
Introduction of the MoonWalk


Dirty Diana

I Want You Back

Smooth Criminal

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Mommy, I don't feel so good

I got this post idea from Audrey, I told her I was having a bit of writers block. She gave me some inspiring words and also gave me the topic, so thanks Audrey. I may take it in a different direction that you envisioned, but that's why you have your own blog! :P

I was thinking at work today, you know all on my own, with no outside assistance ;) about the old TV shows I used to watch growing up and when I was home sick from school. The day will come when Baby C has a cold, an operation, or a double period of Mr. Gale's chemistry class and he just wont be able to go to school. I know all the tricks mister, so you better be sick!

Anyway, this is not about how to get out of class, it's about the old shows that our parents watched, that we watched in re-runs. I loved watching Gilligan's Island, The Dukes of Hazard, Batman (POW, WHAM, BIFF) and The Munsters. I could probably sit and watch them tomorrow if I was to call in sick to work. Great shows each of them.

So when Baby C is growing up what shows that we watched as kids and young adults will re-run for him? I'd guess right off the bat that Saved by the Bell, Full House and Who's the Boss? will still be on. If Baby C is anything like his old man, he will have a crush on Kelly Kapowski, DJ Tanner & Samantha Micelli.

When he gets a little older, maybe he'll tune into 90210 and be shocked at the 180 Kelly Kapowski's life took when she moved from Bayside to Beverly Hills.

I think Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and The Simpsons will be around for a long, long time too. Other shows that Baby C might watch that aren't guaranteed (in my opinion):
  • Alf - great show, lets hope he doesn't go around trying to eat the neighborhood cats.
  • Growing Pains - Maybe this is a bad idea for him to watch. He'll get all kinds of bad ideas from Mike Seaver.
  • The Brady Bunch - This show HAS GOT to be on while he is growing up. "Oh my nose!"
  • Diff'rent Strokes - What'chu talkin' bout Mommy? I'm not going to school today.
  • Mr. Belvedere - Maybe Wesley is not the best role model for Baby C either, let's see what else is on.
  • Home Improvement - Family fun for all. I'm sure Allison is cringing at the thought of Baby C grunting all over the house. A bonus, introduction to Pamela Anderson.
  • Perfect Strangers - Balki Bartokomous and Cousin Larry doing the dance of joy. That will keep him busy for hours...although if he is home sick, he really should be resting.
  • Family Matters - "Did I do thhaaaaaat??"
  • The Cosby Show - Where all the dance moves you'll ever need can be learned during the intro. Trust me, they work to today's songs by Luda & Lady Gaga. Allison has seen me in action.
I could go on all night. I didn't touch on Sci-Fi (Quantum Leap, Star Trek, Mr. Wizard) Drama (Dawson's Creek, Dogie Howser) or Game shows, but I want to mention two more shows then go to bed. The Wonder Years & Boy Meets World. The Wonder Years was great. Loved this show, used to watch it together with my family. Good laughs, good lessons. Boy Meets World was a silly show with a hot chick. Winnie Cooper and Topanga Lawrence finish out my childhood crushes(not really, but my bed is calling me.)

*Note Winnie Cooper grew up to be HOT! She is a super smart mathematician and hubba hubba, had quite the layout in Stuff Magazine.*

I had to mention cartoons before I go. I hope against hope that he can watch my favorites growing up. Transformers, Thundercats, GI Joe & Inspector Gadget. The standard Disney and Warner Bros I think go without saying. Bugs & Tweety will be around forever. And trust me, Baby C will know Mickey Mouse.

The Smurfs seem to be making a big comeback, but what about The Wuzzles, The Adventures of The Gummy Bears, DuckTails, Scooby-Doo and Dennis the Menace.

Well, I could go on all night. I know I just listed a lot of TV shows, but I swear I used to ride my bike & play outside. So, what shows did I leave out? I know there are a lot more shows out there. Which of our shows do you think Baby C(and your kids too)will be watching?

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

St. Augustine Weekend Getaway

We went to St. Augustine last weekend. Allison and I own a timeshare and they called us to come for a free weekend to "review" our property. Basically they offered us a free weekend, then tried to get us to buy more points at the tune of 15K. We politely declined, but it was still a good weekend. The resort is in World Golf Village. Home of the World Golf Hall of Fame. If you've seen my play, you know this is the closest I'll get to the inside of that place.
We upgraded to a 2 bedroom suite and invited Mark & Kristin to come with us. We drove up Friday after work. You'd think the pregnant lady would be the hungriest, therefore the crankiest, but no, surprisingly that went to either me or Mark. A major meltdown was averted, we got Chinese food in our system just in the nick of time.

Saturday morning, Mark and I went to St. Johns Country Club. It was HOT. Tee time was 8:58. By that time it was already 86 degrees, with a heat index of 95. By the time we finished in the afternoon, my bag was 15 balls lighter and the temp was 97 with a 105 heat index. Did I mention it was hot? I lost 15 balls, but believe it or not, I'm getting better. I am reading a book my father-in-law recommended and it may be helping.

The girls were at the pool. We met them with Publix subs then pooled it up for a little bit. Dinner was nice. We went to the Conch House. I had some trouble pronouncing the name, but it's my blog and I choose not to get into that! We had a cool hut table and saw tons of fish. We even saw 2 dolphins in the bay. It was cool.
Baby C made a friend on this trip. We are teaching him not to talk to strangers, but this friendly little fellow was not any trouble. Check them out laughing it up together.
There is so much going on in the next few months, he'll be here before we know it. My parents and uncle are coming into town, our birthing class starts in 2 weeks, we have a tour of Winnie Palmer Hospital planned, a meeting with a pediatrician, Allison's shower, another weekend getaway planned (probably the last one before Baby C is upon us) I'm sure there is more I am forgetting. It's all on my Google Calendar. Thank God for that thing.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

100 Day Warning

Allison's due date is September 26th. That's just 100 days from now. 2400 hours. 144000 minutes. 100 days away. It's really moving along fast. It's scary when you think about it. In 100 days, Baby C will be here, I'll be a parent responsible for caring for him. I spent 8 hours the past 2 days playing Tiger Woods Golf for Wii, I'm not sure that is helping to prepare me for parenthood.

Anyway, I was trying see what 100 days would feel like. Is that a long time? Is it a short time? I know it will both fly by and drag at the same time, but I still needed to know, what will 100 days feel like. Exactly 100 days before today was March 10th. Oddly enough, that is our wedding anniversary. How crazy is that? Below are some events and their durations to help pass the time. (LOL See what I did right there??)

Lent: 40 days
Stanley Cup Playoffs: 58 days
American Idol Season Top 12: 70 days
WNBA Season: 93 days (Something I have never watched, but it could help pass the time.)
NFL Regular Season: 115 days
MLB Regular Season: 181 days
NHL Regular Season: 185 days
NBA Regular Season: 192 days
A school year: 289 days

Daylight savings time fall 09 / spring 10 - 133 days
Christmas Day: 190 days
Winter Olympics: 239 days

100 Days:
The 100th day of the year is April 10th.
The 200th day of the year is July 19th.
The 300th day of the year is October 27th.
It takes an average of 100 days to build a 2400 sqft home.

If you know me, you know I watch a lot of movies and listen to music most of the day. It wouldn't be a list without some music or movies.
Music & movies:
Most consecutive days @ #1: Titanic - 105 days
Most consecutive days @ #1: One Sweet Day - Mariah Carey & BoyzIIMen - 105 days
Most consecutive days @ #1: Thriller - Michael Jackson - 259 days
Most consecutive days @ #1: West Side Story Soundtrack - 378 days (that's CRAZY!!)

Now that all that is out of the way, I'm going to get silly. Here are some things you can do in the next 100 days.
If you drove non-stop with cruise control set for 60 miles per hour for the next 100 days, you could drive around the equator 5.78 times.
Watch "The Goonies" 1263 times.
Hear the F-bomb 236444 times in "SouthPark Bigger, Longer, Uncut"
Watch the Star Wars Saga: 181 times.
Watch every episode of Seinfeld: 26 times.
Listen to 'Welcome to the Black Parade' - My Chemical Romance: 28180 times
Listen to 'A Milli' - Lil Wayne: 36000 times

Hopefully in the next 100 days I'll get some sleep. I'm told I'll need it. If I fall asleep right now, I can still gt 6 hours. Thank God the weekend is here.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Things I'm Looking Forward to

I starting thinking about this the other day while we were in Babies R Us picking up the monkey decals. When I used to work at Babies R Us, I wasn't always busy helping the future mothers of Long Island with their Baby Gear needs. A lot of nights the store was very slow and I had hours to myself to think about things. Well the other day while we were shopping, I guess some of that came back.

We were looking for a cute newborn outfit. I know what you're thinking, size NB is so small, everything is cute. You're right, but still, we're looking for an extra cute outfit, for the first week of Baby C's life. Anyway, back to the point. While we were looking through all the clothes we saw baby swim suits, sweater vests, shirt and tie outfits, basketball jerseys, shorts with a matching hoodie... It all got me thinking about family vacations, Easter Egg hunts, Christmas and a ton of other things.

So listed below, in random order is a list of things I'm looking forward to doing with Baby C.
  • Going to Disney World. We've been to the park with Elena and that was a great experience. I'm excited to see Baby C go on the rides for the first time, watch Wishes (fireworks) and see all the Disney characters come to life for him. One thing I'm not excited about is carrying him out of the park after he is passed out. Seriously, at closing time, you see hundreds of fathers with their kids passed out in their arms. I need to get in better shape if I'm going to carry 20-30 pounds the 2 miles out of the park.
  • Toys, toys, toys. I can't wait! Allison has already stopped me from buying Baby C a 3 foot R2-D2, a light up & speaking Optimus Prime, a Nerf gun and a slot car set. Oh the joys of a slot car set. I had a few of these growing up. One with Corvettes, one glow-in-the-dark, I want to say a Dukes of Hazard one and a wall climbing one! That's a birthday or Christmas gift that will be put together the night before so Daddy can do some QA,
  • Playing sports. I am so excited for Baby C to be old enough to play catch with. Him with his mini-mitt & hat. Black paint under his eyes (as long as Allison isn't watching) Mets jersey. It's gonna be sweet.
  • Reading & Numbers. Before I moved to FL, I watched Olivia learn at a ridiculous rate. I feel like she was 6 months old and she could give me 3 red squares and take away 2 blue circles. I don't get to spend much time with her anymore, but now Jack and Shawn wow me. A few weeks ago Jack was running through his flash cards like a champ. I'm excited to teach Baby C to read & count and to be proud of him.
  • First Baseball & Hockey game. In a perfect world, we'd be flying up to NY/NJ in April to see a Mets game @ CitiField and a Devils game @ The Rock. I have already come to terms with the fact that it probably won't happen. The reality is, we'll end up going to Tampa to see the Rays & the Lightning. Either way, it's still going to be awesome. Football needs to wait until he is at least a teenager. There is a rougher crowd at football games.
  • Baby's First Christmas. I don't know what it is, but I can't wait to dress him up in holiday gear. Allison is already dreading it. I pointed out the same 3 piece suit to her the last time we were in JCPenny's at least 5 times. It got so bad, that she stopped looking at me & talking to me altogether.
  • Riding a bike. Kids get excited when they can ride a bike on their own. I want to be there to see him & share that excitement. You'd think I'd be worried about him falling and getting hurt, well stop thinking that. He'll be safely wrapped in bubble wrap and pillows. (just kidding....I hope)
  • Snow. I hope it's on a visit to NY or somewhere up north. If it snows with accumulation in Central Florida, we're screwed.
  • Saying "Hello" to me when I get home from work. I hope Baby C is excited to see me when I get home from work. "Daddy's home" should be right up there with "Dinner time" & "Who wants ice cream?"
There is plenty more, but it's late and I need to go to bed. I can't really do the list justice in my current state.

Lastly, we didn't register for any of the toys mentioned above, but they can all be found at the Toys R Us or Target Superstore nearest you.

Monday, June 15, 2009

If I could save time in a bottle, part 2

We have a time capsule update. The Orlando Magic were the Eastern Conference Champs. I need to put some kind of Eastern Conference memorabilia in his time capsule. What do you guys think? A shirt, a paper, a key chain? I'm open to ideas. I'm thinking today's sports section should have a nice recap of the season. I may go for that, but I think it would be pretty cool to have him open the time capsule and pull out an 18 year old shirt.

Other sporting events of 2009 are listed below. I will put together a nice write up for each one and possibly pix or vids of key moments. Take a look at the list and let me know if anything's missing.

2009 Sports Champions:
Superbowl: Pittsburgh Steelers 27 - Arizona Cardinals 23
NCAA Football (2008, but game was played in 2009)l: Florida Gators 24 - Oklahoma Sooners 14.
Daytona 500: Matt Kenseth (rain shortened)
NCAA Basketball: North Carolina Tarheels 89 - Michigan State Spartans 72
Masters: Angel Cabrerra 2nd hole playoff
Kentucky Derby: Mine that bird 50-1 longshot
NHL Hockey: Pittsburgh Penguins beat Detroit Redwings 4-3
NBA Finals: L.A. Lakers beat Orlando Magic 4 -1
US Open (golf & Tennis): TBD
World Series: TBD

Also, rumor has it that Heidi Montag (The Hills) is scheduled to appear in the September issue of Playboy. I think it's a nice fit for the time capsule. It's one of the most popular shows the year Baby C was born. Fingers crossed that she'll pose with LC, Whitney or Audrina. Double fingers crossed that the troll named Lo does not appear with her.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

I hope this kid likes Monkeys

We had some Babies R Us coupons that we needed to use, so Allison and I went to the store Saturday and picked up some monkey decals & a hamper. 

We decorated the wall, but it was not without incident. No, it's not "the story of the changing table part 2," this incident was between Allison and I.

Here is a photo of the finished project.

Allison and I had creative differences. Allison wanted to decorate one way, I wanted another. Allison set her first monkey and I said "No, that's ugly" to which she replied "You're ugly." I set up one of my monkeys. Allison said "No, that looks horrible" to which I maturely replied "You look horrible" One of us said, "No, that's stupid" any guess on the reply? That's right..."you're stupid!" This continued for a good five minutes.

I tossed around the idea of each of us setting up the wall our own way, then posting pictures and taking a vote, but I'm glad we decided to work together and compromise 

It was fun setting them up, but seriously, I hope Baby C likes monkeys or animals. They are all over his room. This last monkey was my idea. It was non-negotiable. Yes, that's right, I used up a "non-negotiable" on a stick on monkey decal. This is why I don't have nice things. ;)

Friday, June 12, 2009

History of ACs - Our First Date

I'm having a hard time being creative lately. Actually, I have been too creative for my own good. I wrote 2 posts in the last few days, but can't use either of them. So here is a recap of our first date. If you were at my wedding, Steven covered some of this in his speech, but I'll fill in the gaps.

It was an impromptu date. I spoke to Allison earlier that day. She said she and some girlfriends were going to a bar in Port Jeff. She told me to call her when I got out of work and I could meet up with them if I wanted to.

So I got out of work, I was pretty tired and just wanted to go home and play video games, but this was the first time Allison asked me to hang out since I told her I was into her, so I had no choice but to go out. It was close to 10:PM when I called her. Her friends hadn't called yet to go out. She said she was getting tired and was probably just going to go to bed.

I said, "well I'm pretty hungry, want to meet me for a bite to eat." She agreed and we met at the most romantic restaurant in Smithtown...Applebees! We started with appetizers. She got a Veggie Patch pizza and I don't recall what I ordered. The reason I remember her veggie patch pizza, was because that was the beginning of her trying to get me to eat veggies. I took a bite, it was pretty rough, but I survived. The things you do to impress the ladies!

I don't remember what we ordered for dinner, but once dinner was done and we decided to go back to her place to watch a movie. She was a member of the Blockbuster unlimited rental club. She had Deuce Bigalo, Male Gigolo at her apartment, so we watched it. It's not a much watch movie, but it has it's funny parts.
We were sitting on either side of the couch, nothing happening, but it was a good time. Once the movie was over, we started to play Family Feud on the computer. I think she whooped my butt, but that was only because I was trying to figure out when and if I should make a move. It was also possibly the last time she beat me in a trivia style game.

At some point, I thought it would be a good idea to thumb wrestle. I really don't know what I was thinking, but the ice had been broken, we were now holding hands...I know, I know, I'm a huge dork.

Anyway, it was getting late and it was time for me to go. I knew I wanted to kiss her and should kiss her, but I couldn't make myself do it. I was pretty nervous. This kiss would change the rest of my life. So I just said goodnight and turned to leave. I stalled at the door, taking my keys out of my pocket. Allison will tell you that I waited for 5 minutes, but it really was only about 5-10 seconds.

I took a deep breath, said to myself "OK, this is it" and turned around to kiss her. I may have actually said it out loud because as I turned around, Allison said "What? I didn't hear you." I said "Oh, I didn't say anything." Then I kissed her. It was a great kiss, best one of my life. That was the beginning of our time together. Since then, I don't remember a day where we didn't talk and the only time we don't see each other is when one of us travels for work.

Our first "real" date happened a few days later. We went to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Allison fell asleep in the theater, but it was still a good night. We worked together at Maharam and we decided we'd keep our dating a secret. That lasted about 2 hours before Allison spilled the beans.

Monday, June 8, 2009

What to expect the first year

So Baby C will be here in about 4 months. There are all these books out there on how to take care of babies, but I haven't read any of them. There are so many parents out there that surprise me that they can get themselves through a day, let alone be responsible for the life of another being. If they can do it, how hard can it be?

Well, me being Mr. Safety First, I decided to read a book. I started reading 'What to expect the first year.' So far, I have read all about the benefits of breastfeeding. Not much for me to do there. Yes, I have nipples, but I'm not so sure Gaylord Focker was right about being able to milk anything with nipples. Either way, I don't plan to experiment. I have already seen the results.

I'm starting to get even more excited. I can feel Baby C moving more and more. I am even starting to see movement. It has flown by so far and I'm sure he'll be here in no time.

They strip off my clothes and tell me, "Get in my belly!"

Well I'm a little late for my monthly weight in. I needed some extra time to recover from the cruise. Last month my stomach at it's roundest point was 39.5 inches around. This month 38.5 inches!


I started going to the gym at work. Doing hard core abs and working out. I need to get out there and start running on the days I don't work out, but I'm getting lazy.

Looking forward to losing another inch soon.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Cruise update - The Galley

Ellen, Hy and David took a tour of the Galley. They said it was awesome.
Here is their weekly grocery list:
10,000 pounds of beef
8,000 pounds of chicken
6,000 pounds of fish & seafood
3,000 pounds of pork
12,500 pounds of fruit and veggies
4,500 pounds of flour
1,400 pounds of sugar
1,000 gallons of ice cream
900 gallons of juice
1,200 gallons of milk
48,000 eggs

I feel better now. That's a lot of food. I hardly made a dent in that.

sip Bacardi like it's your birthday

Everyone I know who has kids says the same thing when I wish them a happy birthday "Thanks, but it's no big deal. Just another day." I always thought they were crazy. It's a day a gifts and cake and it's all for you. What can be better?

Well, Baby C isn't even here yet and I can already see that happening. Tomorrow I turn 33 and I am just barely in birthday mode.

Since Allison met me, she started hating spring. Not because the flowers are blooming or because of the April showers, but because that's when I usually start my birthday countdown. I have my cake request and my birthday list published by at least April 3rd. Not only that, but I will send store fliers or coupon codes to people, just to make sure they know what I want and where they can get it.

Well this year I haven't done any of that. No birthday list, no meal request, no cake request, no party plans. I only mentioned the cake for the first time today. The only thing that's different this year is that we are expecting Baby C, so that must be it. Either way, tomorrow will be a good day. I already got a great gift from Allison & her parents, a nice card and gift from my parents and I'll be enjoying Tijuana Flats for dinner (we got a coupon in the mail) and a strawberry cake that Allison is whipping up at the moment.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Baby C Does Grand Cayman

We're back! We took Baby C on a cruise to Grand Cayman. All of Allison's side of the family came with. There were 10 of us in total. We celebrated Grandma 80th Bday, David's 30th Bday, my 33rd Bday and Erica's college graduation. It was a 5 day cruise. We were supposed to go to Cozumel, but because of the Swine flu, we were rerouted to Grand Cayman. There were a few clouds, but mostly sun, fun, food and relaxation.
If you like to eat, cruising is for you. Remember that whole losing my tummy thing before Baby C comes along? Well, I think all the work I've done to this point has been lost and then some. I didn't have the heart to measure my stomach today, but I'll do it tomorrow. I ATE!!! Breakfast was buffet style and I usually filled 3 plates. Same goes for lunch. Then for dinner I would usually have 1 appetizer, 2 entrees and 2 desserts. I love cruising!

We had an inside room but they still gave us a pretend window. It took me until day 3 to stop looking out. Not sure what that was all about.

They take lots of pictures during dinner. I don't mind it when they get there before the food comes. I'm not really doing anything, I'm just waiting around...but when there is food on the table? C'mon people get those cameras out of here. And the sombrero pix? I don't want a sombrero on my head that has been on a thousand other people. I think I'm becoming a germ-a-phobe.

They did group us together for a nice table picture. We weren't going to buy their pictures for $11, so we asked the waiter to take the pic with our camera.
We had a pretty funny matradee. He called himself Joseph, the supercharged matradee. Then he would whisper "ladies and gentlemen, it's a shhhhowtiiiiime." Papi Hy got into the conga line, but the rest of us didn't. I had to look after you and your mother. That was my story anyway.

The last night, before dinner, the guys got together for a cigar. I won't tell you on here, but when you are older, I'll tell you some of the stories during our smoke. There was a radio station cruising on our ship, Monster 104.1 and they like to party.
Well, I'm already looking forward to the next cruise. I promised Allison (mommy) we would go on a Disney cruise for our 5th wedding anniversary. As long as you don't have a brother or sister on the way, I think we can still do it. You'll be 2 1/2 years old, so get your snorkel and water wings ready.


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