Sunday, May 3, 2009

Feelings of the day

I started this blog because I wanted to post my feelings and thoughts during the pregnancy. All I've been doing lately is writing notes to Baby C as a kid and grown up.

So I may as well post about my current feelings. Today Allison and I saw a family of cranes. The mom and dad crane were on the outside and the baby cranes were on the inside, being protected by their parents. Soon enough, we will be just like those birds. Taking care of our little one. 

On the 11th (next monday), we will see Baby C again. Allison has an appointment for a sonogram. We won't see him again until he is born. I love seeing him during those sonograms. If I could install a sonogram machine in my house I would look at him everyday. Is that safe, well only if it's safe. 

Oh, I went ahead and fixed the pesky little changing table. It won't be giving me problems anymore. This time, I went at it without the book and with help from Allison. Thanks. :)


Jenn Corbett said...

Hi again ... I think the last person to mention getting an ultrasound machine was Tom Cruise, and that didn't end so well. Hehehe. I agree it would be pretty neat to have your own. It's a shame you won't see him again until he's born, but it will fly by!

Anthony C said...

LOL That's true, i didn't think about that before I wrote it.
Allison would beat me if I danced around on the couch like TC did. Better stay clear of him altogether.

Jenn Corbett said...

Hahaha - please no dancing on couches, you don't wake the beast again!

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