Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah

Allison is doing well. She's 17 weeks today. The baby is forming bones, it weighs about 5-6 oz and is about 5-6 inches long from head to bottom. We have another sonogram in 2 weeks. Hopefully we'll find out the sex of the baby.

Ok onto Ben. Ben is doing great. His vocabulary is rapidly expanding. It seems like every other day he says something new. Today he repeated Donald Duck after I said it. I tried to get him to say Goofy, Mickey Mouse and Pluto too. He repeated them, but it didn't really sound like anything. However, he nailed Donald Duck. I guess no more Lil Wayne in the car. I don't want him to pick up any bad words. He's a good boy though. Just look what he does when I say "earmuffs"

Ben got a balloon last weekend when we went big boy furniture shopping. It's still hovering, so I tied it to his Mickey Mouse toy so he could play with it. I took it off of Mickey and it floated to the ceiling. I picked Ben up, lifted him over my head and he grabbed the string. He was so excited. He ran around the kitchen a few times with it, then mommy got home from work and he let it go.

It floated up to the ceiling again and I asked him "Ben, do you want to get your balloon?" He looked at the balloon, looked and me and said "yeah." Yeah buddy! Good job.

He also knows how old he is. Grammy taught him to raise his pointer finger when you ask him "How old are you?"


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