Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Today was a good day

Work was work, nothing special. One good thing that happened at work was I was offered tickets to the Orlando Magic game. Unfortunately I couldn't go to the game and I had to pass. That's the second set of tickets I had to pass up this week. I was also offered tickets to Monday Night Football in Jacksonville. I had to pass on those too.

Poor me right? Well I'm glad I didn't go to the game tonight. Tonight was kind of a good night for our family. NO! We're not pregnant!

Ben had a big day. 1) he flipped on a light switch for the first time. 2) He walked for about 45 minutes. 3) Got mad when we took away his nigh-night bear. 4) Got mad when he wanted to go to bed.

He has walked a few times before, but he was very tentative and wobbly with his steps. Tonight he was in the zone. Allison and I sat on either side of the dinning room. He walked back and forth between us for 30 minutes. He laughed and laughed. Unfortunately I can't upload any pix or vids right now, but I will once the website lets me.

I made his bottle and we headed upstairs to put him to bed. He WAS NOT HAPPY. He cried and thrashed for about 5 minutes. He was having fun and didn't want to go to bed. The only thing to make him happy...putting him down so he could walk more. He wouldn't even wait for his pajama bottoms, he had to roam free! (I have vids of this too)

Funny how Allison and my reaction differed. I was proud of him, but nervous because now he can reach more things that are higher & pull them down onto him and he can fall easier & possibly get hurt easier. Allison was proud of him, but sad that her baby boy was growing up.

Well, you know what they say. Men are from Mars, women are crazy. LOL Have a good night.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Good thing I'm not a house elf.

Tonight I didn't want to do the dishes so I asked Allison to switch with me. She would do the dishes and I would do bath time. Bath time is usually a lot of fun, but not tonight.

As I was getting him ready for the bath, he was already getting a little cranky, but usually as soon as he gets in the tub he perks right up. He is starting to learn how to make his bath toys squirt water.

He had his firefighter duck and was filling it with water...and squirting it out. He was excited and flopping around like a fish. He hit the back of his head on the faucet. He didn't cry, but he wasn't happy so I decided to move him to the other side of the tub. I guess I moved him too far back and when he turned he lost balance and fell backwards.

He hit his head again, this time on the back of the tub and this time he did cry. I felt so bad for him. He was crying really hard and even tried to climb out of the tub. I let the water out of the tub and gave him a hug. He cried for a few more minutes and really off and on until he got his night time bottle.

He's OK, but I feel bad. I feet like I should smash my head or something like Dobby the house elf. I'll make it up to him tomorrow. When mommy goes out to dinner...daddy will take him out for ice cream. Now hopefully mommy doesn't read this until after tomorrow night.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Planting the seed

If you remember during Allison's pregnancy, she had little to no cravings. I'm trying to work on that now for the next pregnancy.

HOLD UP!!! Let me stop you right there. I am in no way making an announcement about an upcoming baby here. I'm not even announcing that we are trying for another one. Although when we do start trying I'm not going to announce it either. We very well could be trying right now, and you wouldn't even know it. But we're not...but we could be...but we're not. Seriously, we're not.

Anyway, back to the story. Just like Ralphie in A Christmas Story, I struggled for just the right pregnancy craving hint: (6:30 into the clip)

My hint.
Me: You know, my friend Melissa craved ice cream every night during her pregnancy. Her daughter had all her teeth by 6 months, was walking by 10 months and is currently 18 months and writes perfect cursive.

Allison: WHAT?

Me: Oh nothing. You look pretty tonight. (cough ICE CREAM cough cough) (I may have overplayed my hand)

I was very disappointed during the last pregnancy that Allison didn't have cravings. I was very excited to make midnight runs for ice cream or a jar of pickles. Or rush to the supermarket and buy a box of cookies and cool whip just as they are closing. You know heroic stuff like that. Nothing! Well not this time. I LOOOOOOOVE ice cream and of course the main and real reason, is that I want to do nice things for my pregnant wife. ;)

I'll let you if my tactics work when the time comes...which if you remember from above, is not yet. Have a good night.


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