Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Is there a doctor in the house?

Because I ripped my pants!!! One of the best episodes of Sponge Bob Square Pants. C'mon!! I have to start watching the cartoons Baby C is going be watching! Have to make sure there is nothing inappropriate. Pretending to drown...NNNOOOO !!!!!!

Allison's doctor is Dr Snow. He delivered kids for two of her co-workers and we go to see him again on Monday for her 20 week sonogram. I can't wait.

Tonight Allison said she could feel Baby C kicking on her tummy. She said she actually felt it from the outside. I felt around for a good 5 minutes...and I didn't feel a G.D. thing. I know I willl be able to feel it soon, but I was really pissed that I couldn't feel it tonight.

Anyway, I was thinking. Sept 26 is Allison's due date. Right dead smack in the middle of hurricane season. What if there is a hurricane and we can't get to Winnie Palmer? Or what if we get there, but Dr. Snow can't?

Here is a list of substitute doctors I DO NOT want to deliver Baby C.

1) Dr. Dre - I don't need Baby C finding out about The Chronic any sooner than he already will.

2) Dr. Suess - "Sam will not eat it with fine China. Hey, Who's that coming out of Allison's..." WHOA WHOA WHOA!!!!! Slow down Dr. Suess. This is a kids blog. PG13 it right now buddy. Great for when he is older though. Team up with Andre Dice Clay and go on tour.

3) Dr Mephisto from South Park - There will be enough poop from Baby C, we dont need a 4 assed baby.

4) Dr. Carter AKA Lil Wayne - Great rapper, great song, but the only grills I want Baby C around are on cars and BBQs.

5) Dr. Evil - Hilarious yes, but I don't think they spent much time in Evil Medical School on childbirth.

6) Dr. Drake Ramore - Video speks for itself. Hilarious around 1:50.

7) Dr Doogie Howser - Was fine as a kid doctor, but have you seen what he turned into as an adult??

8) Dr. John "JD" Dorian - Actually JD you can deliver Baby C if Dr. Snow cannot do it. You are out of a job now, so you have some free time, but go easy on the wiener cousin stuff. So long JD. Scrubs will not be the same show without you.

Since I mentioned Scrubs, let me point out that this video is how most of the conversations I have with Allison go. We start by talking about something serious...then I go off on a tangent. Allison sometimes laughs, but mostly gets mad at me. She has to reel me in, calm me down, then we start all over again. Does anyone else have this problem? Anyone? Bueller?


Victoria said...

I have heard absolutely wonderful things about Winnie Palmer. So Allison likes Dr. Snow?

Allison C said...

Hey Victoria, Yeah I like Dr. Snow... he is the most on time Dr. I have ever been to which is so awesome... he also seems to know what he is talking about with is always good :)

Victoria said...

Cool! I've been slacking on finding a new doctor, and we've only lived here, oh, for a year. Oops!

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