Wednesday, April 28, 2010

MOM - A Definition

Tonight Allison came up with a fun saying. She said "MOM means Master Of Multitasking."
It's very true. I've seen her carry the baby, while eating dinner, talking on the phone, typing on the computer and paying bills. and that's on a bad day.

I came up with some other definitions for MOM. I'm sure she'll love them.
MOM - Maker of Mandel Bread
MOM - Memory of Magic - really, she remembers everything. She's the David Copperfield or remembering.
MOM - Maker of Misery -Seriously...if Mom's not happy, nobodys happy.
MOM - Maker of Mandel Bread - For real...make some more Mandel Bread. It's really good stuff.
MOM - Manager of Money - Pssst Can I borrow a dollar? What do you mean what am I gonna spend it on?
MOM - Murderer of My fun - Just kidding....mostly
MOM - Move Over More - You know because she takes up her side of the bed and also most of mine too. ;)
MOM - Maddening Old Maid - but I love her anyway.

Well this idea was much better in my head. I don't know if it translated well to the blog. Maybe I should have saved it for Mother's day. Oh Well. Feel free to comment on mine and add your own.


BloggerFather said...

I remember the first time I thought I could multitask. I was really careful with the baby for the first few months, but now here I was, about to brush my teeth while holding the baby. I was really proud of myself until I banged his head on the sink.

Anthony C said...

Oh man, that sucks. I haven't even tried yet. I know myself and I have a feeling I'd do similar or worse.

Eric said...

If we're talking about mother in laws..

Masters of Manipulation

Anthony C said...

@Eric - man, that's funny. I've been lucky, I get along well with my in-laws. But I have heard plenty of in-law horror stories.

Jack said...

I like Maker of Misery. It has a nice ring to it. ;)

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