Thursday, April 8, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day Revisited

I know I still haven't finished our NY Vacation review or Easter, but I had to get this post out of my head. It's been rattling around there for almost a month.

I think I'm a 1/4 Irish. Well, that's what I tell evereyone I am, so let's go with that. That makes Ben 1/8 Irish. On St. Patrick's Day, he got to enjoy the smell of sauerkraut having sex with a dirty diaper on a garbage barge. Yes, that's what I think Cornedbeef and Cabbage smells like. I love the cornedbeef, but ugh, I think cabbage is the most disgusting thing in all the land.

I got to thinking, what other Irish delights does Ben have to look forward to? Here is my short list:
  1. Michael Flatley , Lord of the Dance - His backup dancers are pretty hot too. The first girl I remember having a crush on in was in the 2nd grade in Brooklyn. Her name was Melissa Rutledge. She took Irish dancing. That doesn't add much to the post, but I thought I would add it in here anyway.
  2. Lucky Charms cereal - They're magically delicious.
  3. Conan O'Brien - The guy is a genius. I've watched him since 94 and I think he's partly responsible for my crazy sense of humor.

But the most important and exciting thing about being Irish and St. Patrick's Day is the Irish music. I'm not talking about songs like Danny Boy or When Irish Eye are Smiling. I'm talking about the best Irish song of all time....

That's right my friends...Jump Around by House of Pain!


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