Sunday, September 6, 2009

36 Weeks checkup

On Thursday afternoon Allison had her weekly doctor appointment. Her measurements were good. The nurse said it looked like Allison's belly dropped a lot in the past week, but I don't really see it. I think she looks the same as last week.

Allison got a sonogram to check on Baby C's position. He is currently in a heads down position, but he hasn't engaged yet. Still 3 weeks to go until her due date, plenty of time for him to drop in there, but I'm glad his head is in the right direction.

Here are the sonogram pix. They are hard to make out, when you look at them, he is in the bottom right corner, looking up at the top left corner. It took me a while to find him until I figured that out. I was looking at his profile in reverse and for about 30 seconds, I thought to sonogram tech was out of her mind.

Look at the arrow in the middle of this picture. To the left is Baby C's hand, below and to the right is a profile view of his mouth and nose.


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