Tuesday, September 22, 2009

On the 8th day

In Judaism, on the 8th day of life, there is a ceremony called a Brit Milah. What's Brit Milah? Not much, what's Brit Milah with you? Ha Ha..Well the Brit, in dummy terms is a religious circumcision.

It was the first Brit I'd ever been to and boy oh boy was this different than a Christening. The Rabbi came to the house and did the ceremony in the living room. The speaking part of it was really entertaining and quiet lovely. The cutting part of it was like the movie Saw.

We put on a lotion to numb the area about an hour before, then the rabbi added another solution to numb the area as he started. He assured us that Benjamin wouldn't feel a thing. Ben cried, but he was really a good boy. It was nothing more than when he cries when you change his diaper and shock him with a cold wipe.

Anyway, it all went well. Benjamin is a week old today. He is almost back to his original birth weight and his cheeks look like they are starting to plump up. The blog posts will be shorter and may be further apart, I'm pretty busy these days. I'll try to keep you guys entertained. ;)


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