Friday, September 11, 2009

37 Week Checkup & September 11th

On Thursday Allison had her weekly doctor appointment. Things are progressing nicely. The doctor said "I think you have a big baby there." I'm not sure why, but that made me pretty excited.

Allison's due date is the 26th, but I predict Allison will have the baby sometime next week. My prediction, which is a date range, is from the 15th - 20th. I notice some subtle changes to Allison's appearance and although I have no idea if they mean anything at all, I think there must be a reason for the changes. The reason? Well, it has to be because she is ready to have the baby. Right?

Either way, I'm getting very excited and I know Baby C is only weeks away. The latest he will be born is September 29th/30th. Allison is already scheduled to be induced on the 29th if she doesn't go into labor and deliver naturally before then. I'll keep you guys posted.

Today is September 11th. We all know what happened that morning 8 years ago. It was a sad day, a reminder that the world isn't the safe & happy place it's made out to be on sitcoms. Lots of families were torn apart. Parents, children, friends, co-workers gone forever. For those of us not directly impacted by the loss of a loved one, it was still a very intense day and it should have helped put a little perspective into your life. I know it did for me.

On September 10th I thought I was the biggest jerk and that I'd ruined my life forever. Yes, this story involves a girl. This is going to sound rotten, but I was trying to steal a girl away from her long distance boyfriend. I was making great strides. We used to talk about reality TV. We were filling out an application and sending in a tape together to be on The Amazing Race. We were sure we'd be selected for the show and would win.

One reality show she was into that I wasn't was Making The Band. For some reason, she said the song Liquid Dreams by O-Town (Making the Band Season 1) reminded her of me. Every time she heard the song, she thought of me. O-Town was scheduled to play Hammerstein Ballroom on September 11th. I got tickets for us to go. I thought it would be a clever/sneaky way to get a date. When I spoke to her about it on September 10th things went horribly wrong. I, for some reason, told her to go to hell. She said something similar and that was that.

I was really upset. This was my dream girl and I screwed it up. How could life get any worse? Well, I wake up late the next day, which was not unusual back then, I'm driving into work and I hear radio coverage on Z100 about a plane crash. I rush to work and into the building to see what's going on. I couldn't believe the news. Both towers, then the Pentagon, then rumors that 5 other planes were taken over, then the towers collapse. This can't be real can it?

It made me realize just how insignificant the events of the previous day were and instead of feeling sorry for myself, I should feel happy to be alive and to enjoy life. It can be snatched up in an instant and it's too precious to sit around feeling sorry for yourself. I called the girl and apologized for the day before. I asked if she had been able to reach her boyfriend and family. She had. I told her I was happy for her and wished her luck. It was the last time we spoke.

Every September 11th, I feel bad for those who lost. I remember that sinking feeling in my gut that I felt when the towers fell, but I also feel the goodness of people who volunteered at ground zero, the people who donated blood, food & other supplies and the feeling of patriotism that lasted about 2 years after. I'm happy to be alive and healthy. I have a wonderful wife, a baby boy on the way and I'm surrounded by great family and friends. I have nothing to complain about. Tonight your thoughts should be with the families of 9/11 but also think about the good in your own life.

One day Baby C will learn about this is school. And like my parents were able to tell me about the moon landing and JFK's assassination, we will be able to talk to Baby C about September 11th.


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