Monday, September 28, 2009

Mom's First Birthday

Yesterday was Allison's birthday, her first as a mother. Benjamin is a thoughtful little fellow, he got Allison a card and a gift. Allison had a nice day. I watched Ben for the morning so she could sleep in, then I made her pancakes for breakfast when she got up. At night we had a Publix cake with Strawberry & Banana filling and she got lots of nice gifts, but as the Facebook comments say, she got her best gift 12 days early when Benjamin was born. He was a gift for both of us, the best gift we'll ever get, but hey, if you want to try to top it I'm all for trying, so I still want gifts for Christmas, Columbus Day too. It's not usually a gift giving holiday, but since we don't get off from work for Columbus Day anymore, we should at least get gifts, right? Just putting it out there, if anyone can make that happen, let's talk.
In other news, Benjamin met his Great Grandmother yesterday too. I picked her up at the train station in downtown Orlando and they had a great time hanging out together. Ben mostly slept, but when he was awake, he didn't cry. That's as good as a hug & kiss right there.
I was talking to our friend Tanya over the weekend. Well, when I say talking I mean chatting. I hardly talk to anyone anymore. Talking on the phone has been replaced with TXTing and chatting, but I still say 'talking to' when referring to those conversations. Anyway, Tanya spent the better part of the pregnancy rubbing Allison's tummy and she said something really interesting to me. She said "Now you know how much your parents love you, you can't understand it until you have a child of your own."

That thought hadn't occurred to me, but it blew my mind when she said it. We all know that our parents love us, but could they really love us as much as we love our kids? Well, yes. They can. This is what everyone was talking about. The new level of love that we've never felt before. So when I wasn't allowed to go on a date with my dreamgirl to see Pretty Woman because it was rated R and I was only 14 years old, it wasn't because my parents hated me, it was because they loved me and didn't think I was old enough to see a movie about a hooker. It all makes sense now. ;)
The last thing I'll talk about is my renewed rage issues. If Ben is crying, I want to find the reason that he is crying and destroy it. My first reaction every time he cries is FEED HIM! I am getting better now, but the first week was BAD. If he cried for 15 seconds I would get mad at Allison. I mean REALLY MAD. I'd get in her face and say "What are you waiting for? He's crying cause he's hungry. Feed him!" If it didnt happen fast enough, you know at the 30 second mark, I'd say, "That's it, give me a GD bottle of formula for him. This isn't happening quick enough."

During the past week, I realized that he isn't always hungry when he cries. Sometimes he has a dirty diaper or he is crying because he was disturbed from his nap. Sometimes, but not often he just wants to cry. So a public apology to Allison for getting mad at her. I'd tell you it won't happen again, but that would be a lie. I already know it will happen again. I'm a new dad. I have to learn all this stuff.


Jenn C. said...

Glad she had a good birthday. I love the pic of the 3 of you!

Anthony C said...

Thanks Jen.

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