Saturday, April 3, 2010

I'm a Bad Dad :(

I'm a bad dad and not in the good way like when Run-DMC says it. It seems like once a month I do something boneheaded and earn my bad dad of the month award. I got it out of the way early for April.

I got my Netflix Wii disc. I was very excited to test it out, so I let Ben jump in his bouncer while I played with the Wii. I updated the software and then looked for a movie to watch. I figured I'd put on a kids movie so Ben could enjoy it too.

I landed on Monsters Inc. It's a cute movie. Boo is a cute girl and Ben likes the ladies. Perfect right? Not exactly. So the opening credits come on and Ben is happy. He's facing the TV, jumping around in his jumper, smiling and screeching with delight. I still needed to take Molly potty from getting home from work, so I left Ben to enjoy the movie for a few minutes.

Take a look at what he saw. Pay close attention between 2:25 - 5:00.

When I came back to him, he was crying and trying to climb out of his jumper. I calmed him down but forgot to turn the movie more monsters and more crying. I turned it off, calmed him down again, then put on Follow that Bird. It was a much better choice. In case you are wondering, when it comes to 6 month olds, Sesame Street > Monsters Inc. Sorry buddy. Now I know for next time.


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