Tuesday, June 23, 2009

St. Augustine Weekend Getaway

We went to St. Augustine last weekend. Allison and I own a timeshare and they called us to come for a free weekend to "review" our property. Basically they offered us a free weekend, then tried to get us to buy more points at the tune of 15K. We politely declined, but it was still a good weekend. The resort is in World Golf Village. Home of the World Golf Hall of Fame. If you've seen my play, you know this is the closest I'll get to the inside of that place.
We upgraded to a 2 bedroom suite and invited Mark & Kristin to come with us. We drove up Friday after work. You'd think the pregnant lady would be the hungriest, therefore the crankiest, but no, surprisingly that went to either me or Mark. A major meltdown was averted, we got Chinese food in our system just in the nick of time.

Saturday morning, Mark and I went to St. Johns Country Club. It was HOT. Tee time was 8:58. By that time it was already 86 degrees, with a heat index of 95. By the time we finished in the afternoon, my bag was 15 balls lighter and the temp was 97 with a 105 heat index. Did I mention it was hot? I lost 15 balls, but believe it or not, I'm getting better. I am reading a book my father-in-law recommended and it may be helping.

The girls were at the pool. We met them with Publix subs then pooled it up for a little bit. Dinner was nice. We went to the Conch House. I had some trouble pronouncing the name, but it's my blog and I choose not to get into that! We had a cool hut table and saw tons of fish. We even saw 2 dolphins in the bay. It was cool.
Baby C made a friend on this trip. We are teaching him not to talk to strangers, but this friendly little fellow was not any trouble. Check them out laughing it up together.
There is so much going on in the next few months, he'll be here before we know it. My parents and uncle are coming into town, our birthing class starts in 2 weeks, we have a tour of Winnie Palmer Hospital planned, a meeting with a pediatrician, Allison's shower, another weekend getaway planned (probably the last one before Baby C is upon us) I'm sure there is more I am forgetting. It's all on my Google Calendar. Thank God for that thing.


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