Thursday, June 25, 2009

King of Pop has died

Micheal Jackson died today after suffering from Cardiac Arrest. He had some personal issues and did some things I didn't agree with, but you cannot argue that as a musician, dancer, writer and entertainer he was an absolute genius. The likes of which have not been challenged by anyone since in my 33 years on this Earth. I hope he is remembered for his talent and not his freak show antics. I will introduce him to Baby C as the King of Pop.

This was my generation's Elvis or The Beatles. I think with the exception of Princess Diana, this is the biggest loss of a celebrity that my generation has witnessed. We all grew up with him. ABC or Rockin Robin were possibly the first songs we sang along to. They are some of the first songs I remember anyway. It's a sad day.

I remember doing the moonwalk, the Thriller dance, trying to do that 45 degree lean from Smooth Criminal. I know I'm not alone here. I'm willing to bet that almost everyone you know under 70 has tried to do the moonwalk.

Listed below are some of my favorite songs by Michael Jackson. These are just his solo pop songs. There are Jackson 5 songs and Christmas songs that I love too that aren't listed.
Another Part of Me
Beat It
Billie Jean
Black or White
Dirty Diana
Don't Stop Til You Get Enough
The Girl is Mine
Heal The World
Human NAture
I Just Can't Stop Loving You
I Want You Back
Leave Me Alone
Man in the Mirror
Off the Wall
One More Chance
Remember the Time
Rock With You
Say Say Say
She's Out of My Life
Smooth Criminal
Wanna Be Startin Somthin
The Way You Make Me Feel
We Are the World
Will You Be There
You Are Not Alone

Some of my favorite videos of all time are by MJ.
Thriller was an event. MTV released it like a movie and had a countown to it.
Billie Jean was the coolest thing I'd ever seen. He made the sidewalk light up and turned into a panther.
Smooth Criminal he leaned at a 45 degree angle, then turned into a robot. The boy was BAD.

Here is what I could find on youtube.
Introduction of the MoonWalk


Dirty Diana

I Want You Back

Smooth Criminal


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