Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Mommy, I don't feel so good

I got this post idea from Audrey, I told her I was having a bit of writers block. She gave me some inspiring words and also gave me the topic, so thanks Audrey. I may take it in a different direction that you envisioned, but that's why you have your own blog! :P

I was thinking at work today, you know all on my own, with no outside assistance ;) about the old TV shows I used to watch growing up and when I was home sick from school. The day will come when Baby C has a cold, an operation, or a double period of Mr. Gale's chemistry class and he just wont be able to go to school. I know all the tricks mister, so you better be sick!

Anyway, this is not about how to get out of class, it's about the old shows that our parents watched, that we watched in re-runs. I loved watching Gilligan's Island, The Dukes of Hazard, Batman (POW, WHAM, BIFF) and The Munsters. I could probably sit and watch them tomorrow if I was to call in sick to work. Great shows each of them.

So when Baby C is growing up what shows that we watched as kids and young adults will re-run for him? I'd guess right off the bat that Saved by the Bell, Full House and Who's the Boss? will still be on. If Baby C is anything like his old man, he will have a crush on Kelly Kapowski, DJ Tanner & Samantha Micelli.

When he gets a little older, maybe he'll tune into 90210 and be shocked at the 180 Kelly Kapowski's life took when she moved from Bayside to Beverly Hills.

I think Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and The Simpsons will be around for a long, long time too. Other shows that Baby C might watch that aren't guaranteed (in my opinion):
  • Alf - great show, lets hope he doesn't go around trying to eat the neighborhood cats.
  • Growing Pains - Maybe this is a bad idea for him to watch. He'll get all kinds of bad ideas from Mike Seaver.
  • The Brady Bunch - This show HAS GOT to be on while he is growing up. "Oh my nose!"
  • Diff'rent Strokes - What'chu talkin' bout Mommy? I'm not going to school today.
  • Mr. Belvedere - Maybe Wesley is not the best role model for Baby C either, let's see what else is on.
  • Home Improvement - Family fun for all. I'm sure Allison is cringing at the thought of Baby C grunting all over the house. A bonus, introduction to Pamela Anderson.
  • Perfect Strangers - Balki Bartokomous and Cousin Larry doing the dance of joy. That will keep him busy for hours...although if he is home sick, he really should be resting.
  • Family Matters - "Did I do thhaaaaaat??"
  • The Cosby Show - Where all the dance moves you'll ever need can be learned during the intro. Trust me, they work to today's songs by Luda & Lady Gaga. Allison has seen me in action.
I could go on all night. I didn't touch on Sci-Fi (Quantum Leap, Star Trek, Mr. Wizard) Drama (Dawson's Creek, Dogie Howser) or Game shows, but I want to mention two more shows then go to bed. The Wonder Years & Boy Meets World. The Wonder Years was great. Loved this show, used to watch it together with my family. Good laughs, good lessons. Boy Meets World was a silly show with a hot chick. Winnie Cooper and Topanga Lawrence finish out my childhood crushes(not really, but my bed is calling me.)

*Note Winnie Cooper grew up to be HOT! She is a super smart mathematician and hubba hubba, had quite the layout in Stuff Magazine.*

I had to mention cartoons before I go. I hope against hope that he can watch my favorites growing up. Transformers, Thundercats, GI Joe & Inspector Gadget. The standard Disney and Warner Bros I think go without saying. Bugs & Tweety will be around forever. And trust me, Baby C will know Mickey Mouse.

The Smurfs seem to be making a big comeback, but what about The Wuzzles, The Adventures of The Gummy Bears, DuckTails, Scooby-Doo and Dennis the Menace.

Well, I could go on all night. I know I just listed a lot of TV shows, but I swear I used to ride my bike & play outside. So, what shows did I leave out? I know there are a lot more shows out there. Which of our shows do you think Baby C(and your kids too)will be watching?


Audrey said...

Happy to help you take a walk down Memory Lane with all your childhood dream girlfriends. Topanga? Really? And yes, every girl I grew up with wanted to be Winnie Cooper, and I was no different. That hair alone was worth shooting for. :-) (Mine never made it. LOL!) Anyway, yes, this was different than I'd thought... but it's all good. Fred Savage was certainly a cutiepie!

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