Tuesday, June 2, 2009

sip Bacardi like it's your birthday

Everyone I know who has kids says the same thing when I wish them a happy birthday "Thanks, but it's no big deal. Just another day." I always thought they were crazy. It's a day a gifts and cake and it's all for you. What can be better?

Well, Baby C isn't even here yet and I can already see that happening. Tomorrow I turn 33 and I am just barely in birthday mode.

Since Allison met me, she started hating spring. Not because the flowers are blooming or because of the April showers, but because that's when I usually start my birthday countdown. I have my cake request and my birthday list published by at least April 3rd. Not only that, but I will send store fliers or coupon codes to people, just to make sure they know what I want and where they can get it.

Well this year I haven't done any of that. No birthday list, no meal request, no cake request, no party plans. I only mentioned the cake for the first time today. The only thing that's different this year is that we are expecting Baby C, so that must be it. Either way, tomorrow will be a good day. I already got a great gift from Allison & her parents, a nice card and gift from my parents and I'll be enjoying Tijuana Flats for dinner (we got a coupon in the mail) and a strawberry cake that Allison is whipping up at the moment.


Victoria said...

Happy birthday, Anthony!

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