Thursday, June 18, 2009

100 Day Warning

Allison's due date is September 26th. That's just 100 days from now. 2400 hours. 144000 minutes. 100 days away. It's really moving along fast. It's scary when you think about it. In 100 days, Baby C will be here, I'll be a parent responsible for caring for him. I spent 8 hours the past 2 days playing Tiger Woods Golf for Wii, I'm not sure that is helping to prepare me for parenthood.

Anyway, I was trying see what 100 days would feel like. Is that a long time? Is it a short time? I know it will both fly by and drag at the same time, but I still needed to know, what will 100 days feel like. Exactly 100 days before today was March 10th. Oddly enough, that is our wedding anniversary. How crazy is that? Below are some events and their durations to help pass the time. (LOL See what I did right there??)

Lent: 40 days
Stanley Cup Playoffs: 58 days
American Idol Season Top 12: 70 days
WNBA Season: 93 days (Something I have never watched, but it could help pass the time.)
NFL Regular Season: 115 days
MLB Regular Season: 181 days
NHL Regular Season: 185 days
NBA Regular Season: 192 days
A school year: 289 days

Daylight savings time fall 09 / spring 10 - 133 days
Christmas Day: 190 days
Winter Olympics: 239 days

100 Days:
The 100th day of the year is April 10th.
The 200th day of the year is July 19th.
The 300th day of the year is October 27th.
It takes an average of 100 days to build a 2400 sqft home.

If you know me, you know I watch a lot of movies and listen to music most of the day. It wouldn't be a list without some music or movies.
Music & movies:
Most consecutive days @ #1: Titanic - 105 days
Most consecutive days @ #1: One Sweet Day - Mariah Carey & BoyzIIMen - 105 days
Most consecutive days @ #1: Thriller - Michael Jackson - 259 days
Most consecutive days @ #1: West Side Story Soundtrack - 378 days (that's CRAZY!!)

Now that all that is out of the way, I'm going to get silly. Here are some things you can do in the next 100 days.
If you drove non-stop with cruise control set for 60 miles per hour for the next 100 days, you could drive around the equator 5.78 times.
Watch "The Goonies" 1263 times.
Hear the F-bomb 236444 times in "SouthPark Bigger, Longer, Uncut"
Watch the Star Wars Saga: 181 times.
Watch every episode of Seinfeld: 26 times.
Listen to 'Welcome to the Black Parade' - My Chemical Romance: 28180 times
Listen to 'A Milli' - Lil Wayne: 36000 times

Hopefully in the next 100 days I'll get some sleep. I'm told I'll need it. If I fall asleep right now, I can still gt 6 hours. Thank God the weekend is here.


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