Saturday, October 24, 2009

5K, Benjamin Smiles and other assorted stuff

I have a lot to cover in this post, but i think it's worth the read.

This morning I ran the Community in Pink 5K in Winter Garden. I have been training since early September and I felt really good about this race. It started at 7:30AM. I got there around 7 and did some people watching. I ran into some friends from the running group I train with and also a former co-worker. It was good to see friendly faces that early on a Saturday.

I was pumped and ready to go. I had a plan for the race. Nice and easy for the first mile, pick it up at the second mile and pick it up even more on the 3rd mile. The only problem with my strategy, there were no mile markers. No clocks at the non-existing mile markers or at the finish line and since I didn't have a running watch, I was basically running blind.

I saw 2 people I knew ahead of me. They were going at a good pace, so I made sure I kept close to them. There was also a girl in black shorts & a tank top and another girl in a blue/green tennis outfit. I made sure to keep them in my sites with the goal of passing them towards the end. They had a good pace going and looked like runners so I figured they'd have a timing device on them.

I estimate my time to be 30:25 seconds. I started the race 15-20 seconds after it started. I wanted to go right away, but it was crowded and after being bumped twice, I decided to pull over and let some fools pass. I kept a good pace and turned it on once we hit the path next to the water. I was passing people easily once I hit that next gear. I caught up with the girls I mentioned earlier and DRAT no timing devices. Oh well, I gotta finish strong anyway.

At the finish line, there was no sign that said FINISH and still no clock. So people in front of me kept running strong to the start line. So I followed suite. Must be a Start/Finish line. I am guessing it took 10-15 seconds.

The MC said the time was about 31:04 when I hit the start line. Do you have a stopwatch? Is it 31:04 or is it about 31:04? Either way, it was a nice morning and it was for a good cause.

Next up Benjamin had a visit from his Uncle David. He was visiting from NY. He said the only other baby he remembers holding was his cousin Jonathan or Erica...and that was a long time ago, I think Erica just turned 22. Well he was a natural, Ben looks pretty happy if you ask me. He gave Benjamin his first Mets cap and a huge Mets blanket as well. Can't wait to put him in them and watch next season. Next year is our year! Uncle David also made a donation to the time capsule. Awesome, Thanks David.

Allison made Benjamin laugh yesterday. She asked Molly if she "wanted to go potty" Ben smiled the biggest gummiest (gummy cause he has no teeth yet) smile. So I said, hmmm let's test this. I repeated "Potty" again, huge smile. "Potty" again, another huge smile. Then Potty stopped working. I then tried "poop" Well poop worked 3 or 4 times too. Then he got cranky and needed to eat. I hope another word aside from potty and poop make him laugh, but he's a boy and his dad still laughs at potty humor.

Next up, I told you there was a lot to cover, out of the blue this afternoon a neighbor that I don't remember meeting before brought us a gift and a meal! The meal included salad, salad dressing, stuffed shells and cookies! I can't wait to chow down on this meal. She has a 5 month old, so that might be another new mom that Allison can bond with.

It's so crazy how NY and FL are different. In NY I don't think 1) a neighbor I didn't know would ever bring a gift or a meal and 2) I would NEVER accept food from that stranger. FL is awesome. I'm not sure if she'll read this, but thank you very much. I can't wait to chow down on the stuffed shells.


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