Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Can you hear me?

Last night in bed while I was speaking to Baby C, I decided I would try to hear him. I put my ear on Allison's tummy, listened hard, I didn't hear a heartbeat, but I did hear a lot of gurgling & swishing sounds. I'm not sure if what I heard was Baby C or just Allison's stomach making noises. Not knowing what I was hearing was disappointing. I wanted to be excited that I could hear the baby, but I couldn't stop thinking that I was just getting excited because I heard some gas bubbles or meat loaf digesting.

So I decided to research Fetal Doppler baby heart monitor systems. A lady from work used one and said she loved it, so I have been very curious for a while. During my search, I found a website that offered a free or very low cost alternative. It was a great find because it only required 2 household items, so I could try it today.

The first item a cup. Plenty of cups here. The second item, an empty roll of toilet paper. Having a pregnant woman in the house, you are only ever 2 days away from having an empty roll of TP. Luckily for me, today was that 2nd day and we were good to go.

I followed the directions, put the cup on Allison's stomach, nothing. Tried the TP roll, nothing. So now I think I was punked! I applaud this lady. Very good gag, nicely done. Somewhere she is laughing at all the dummies that tried this.

The Fetal Doppler baby heart monitor, Belly Beats is now the front runner and I don't think I'll be trying any more hair brained ideas.


Anonymous said...

You didn't forget to tie the string to it and a cup on the other side, did you? The cup trick won't work without it.

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