Friday, April 24, 2009

Start spreading the news, Baby C's first trip to NY

Hello from Long Island, NY. We are up here to meet Baby C's cousin for the first time. He was born in February and this is our first chance to come up. We also want to take this time to show Baby C. some of the sites and experiences NY has to offer. I know he may be a little young for this, but ask yourself, is it really that different from the parents that bring their 4 month old to Disney World? These pix and sights are all about me right now.

Anyway, first stop, Long Island Islip MacArthur Airport. They are doing construction on the east wing and the gift shops were all closed, but that didn't stop Baby C in his first NY photo op. Check it out, the camera loves him! Thanks in advance to Allison for being a good sport this weekend. Her tummy will be the center of many a photograph.
Baby C then met his NY Grandma & Grandpa and we were off to get dinner. Don't forget there is a pregnant woman here who was on a plane for 2.5 hours with only a mini bag of chips and an even smaller bag of peanuts to eat.

I told Baby C during one of our late night chats about the joy that is NY Chinese food. So we made the call to Yan Min Kitchen in East Islip. The scary part about it, I have been living in FL for 3.5 years and I still knew their number by heart. 631.277.5666. As always the food was awesome. Peninsula in Bayshore, is still the place to go for a fancy sit down Chinese meal, but take out, be sure to go with Yan Min.

We ordered a feast, a smorgasbord of Chinese delights. Chicken & broccoli, BBQ ribs, Beef LoMein, Wan-ton soup, egg rolls, pork fried rice. Man 0 MAN - Baby C ate well tonight. It took a lot of self control, but Allison, Baby C and I were able to limit ourselves to human size portions.
Finally, the last thing Baby C did tonight before hitting the sack was watch a Mets game with his parents, NY grandparents and 2 special friends. The friendship he made tonight (I know, still a fetus, but again my argument, 4 month old @ Disney World) will hopefully last forever. Or maybe just until he is old enough to pick his own sports teams and break his old man's heart by going with the Yankees and Rangers. Check out the three amigos. Mr. Met, Baby C and a Devils Bear.
It's always nice to come back home. It's funny that even though you are away living your own life with your own family and new habits how quickly you fall back into your old habits when you go back. It took a me about 20 minutes after dinner until I was rummaging through the fridge and closets looking for snacks. Mind you I just ate a large dinner and was not hungry at all, but when I'm in this body wants to eat. Allison will say "that's nothing different than what you do at home." She's right, but not like this. This is eating on a mission. Almost like a zombie. How else can you explain the combination & quantity?? A handful of green grapes, 3 cookies, a handful of cotton candy, a glass of milk, some pretzels, more cotton candy, more milk and half a devil dog. Total elapsed time approx 10 minutes.

Anyway in all seriousness, it's great to see my parents and Baby C's grandparents. Tomorrow will be a great day. We are going to see my niece in dance class, taking her for ice cream, going to her first soccer game then back to my sister's house for dinner with the family. My other sister and brother-in-law have been sick, so they might skip it, but still a great day.

Enjoy your weekend. Will try to post again tomorrow.


Jenn "Ampolini" Corbett said...

Hi Anthony, Allison, and Baby C -I know Allison from NY & elementary school. Just wanted to say I love the blog so far. Anthony you are way too funny! And I love this post about NY. I miss it so much sometimes too! (I'm in FL now too). Can you stop by a White Castle for me while you're up there? ;) I can relate to the eating thing too - must be something about being home and near family..? Hope you have fun & I look forward to learning more about Baby C.

Anthony C said...

Hi Jenn Thanks for the kind words.
Couldn't do White Castle, my stomach probably would have exploded. But just thinking about them now is making my mouth water.

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