Monday, April 27, 2009

Good news & bad news about my belly

The good news, I no longer have the biggest belly in the family. Allison passed me this weekend. The bad news, I still have the belly of a 4 month pregnant woman. I measured it this evening and at it's largest point, it's 39.5 inches around. I have 5 months until Baby C comes along. My goal is to lose 5 inches from my belly by the time he is born. I'm not a health guy, so who knows if losing 5 inches in 5 months is realistic, but I'll do what I can.

We go to Disney a lot and we see lots of dads. Apart from the obvious of them all having children, there is something else most of them have in common, they have graying hair, balding heads and/or pot bellies or larger. I already have a few gray hairs and I have the pot belly too. It's only gonna get worse when Baby C comes, so wish me luck in losing it.


chaologist said...

yeah, live it up now! In three years, I've gone from "almost like college"-fit to "OMG, how did I let *this* happen?!?!"-fit.

Anthony C said...

The sad part is I'm already the latter. Add three years to that and forget about it! gotta act now and give myself a fighting chance.

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