Thursday, April 23, 2009

Hi, my name is....

Whikka-whikkka Slim Shady. Ladies you will be relieved to know, Slim Shady did not make the list of possible baby names. Fellas, I tried, but Allison didn't approve. Check the end of this post for a bunch of other names she rejected. And, if I'm being honest...I don't even think she took any of them seriously.

Ok, so picking a name isn't as easy as I thought it would be. Let me rephrase, picking a boy's name isn't as easy as I thought it would be. As soon as we found out Allison was pregnant, we started throwing around girl's names. We had a name Allison absolutely loved and I liked a lot. You can imagine our surprise at the 12 week sonogram when they said it was a boy and we had to start picking out boy names.

We made a spreadsheet with names we liked and tested each one for 2 days. We use them in everyday life. Some names only last for 3 minutes. Some make it through day one, but don't make the cut of day two. Example Conversation:
Me: What did "Baby Name Here" do today, just suck his thumb and turn cartilage into bone?
Allison: Yep
Me: (to belly) Good job in there Keep up the good work & listen to your mother.

Me: Honey...where are you?
Allison: I'm in "Baby's name here" room.

There is one name that has made it through the test and is currently in day 3! I won't tell you the name, but it fits all the criteria.
Criteria 1. Cute name for a boy and also a good name for a man.
Criteria 2. Good nickname
Criteria 3. Easy to say. "Baby Name Here"

We have gone through a baby name book, multiple baby name websites and so far, this is the only name that has really felt right. If you are reading this and you have a suggestion for a boy's name and want to share it, leave a comment or send an email. We want to make sure we pick just the right name for our little guy and any suggestions of names we may not have thought of are appreciated.

List of Awesome Names Rejected by Allison
1. Martin Brodeur - NJ Devils goalie All-Time NHL wins leader. (pronounced Mar-Tan)
2. Mike Piazza - Beloved NY Mets catcher
3. Citizen Cope - Trip Cs, can you beat it? also one of my favorite singers.
4. Linkin Park - Another excellent musical entry. Also, a good president.
5. Seven - Stolen from the Seinfeld episode. SEVEN'S THE NAME!!!
6. Sig, Jonathan, Phil - yes, I was watching The Deadliest Catch at the time.
7. Mookie Wilson - He played in game 6.
8. Optimus Prime - Optimus Prime!!!
9. McLovin'

Posting from the road tomorrow. Note to self, do not post when distracted.


chaologist said...

How about "Buckner". I believe it meets all 3 criteria AND gets you your Mets tie-in.

Victoria said...

Haha, someone once suggested Slim for me and Rob once we get around to kids. Loving your blog!

Anthony C said...

@Bill - Allison shot down Buckner. Sounded good to me.

@ Victoria - That's funny and you totally have to do it. Slim or Dense. Glad you are enjoying the blog. Hope it continues to entertain.

Audrey said...

Linkin Park Cotignola is my favorite of the rejects, by far. Haha. Thought you might get a kick out of these entry I posted years ago about the "Name Game." Keep up the hilarity!

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