Sunday, April 26, 2009

Some folks like to get away, Baby C's first trip to NY part 2

Day 2, Baby C's first full day in NY was a busy day. We are all very tired.

Started off with a good meal. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. So off to Bagel Boss. One everything bagel w/cream cheese please! Can't find good bagels in Central Florida. What a treat this morning.
Next stop, dance class in East Islip. Baby C's cousin Olivia had tap & ballet today. After she worked up an appetite dancing, off to Friendly's for lunch & ice cream. Olivia got a balloon and had fun playing with it. My job was to make sure it made it to the car. As you can see below, mission accomplished.
Next it was time for Baby C to meet his other cousin, James. James was asleep, so Baby C kept his distance for the picture. Wouldn't want to wake the baby.
Now off to soccer. What a busy day. We'll all sleep good tonight. Olivia did well at first, but the coach wasn't there for the first ever practice, so the parents just through together a makeshift practice. They lost Olivia's attention, so I ended up kicking the ball around with her. The substitute coach was overhead saying "Over there...the bar is over there."
Dinner!!! Finally, the magic hour is upon us. NY PIZZA. Baby C's first taste of NY pizza. We found Winter Garden Pizza to be very good and very close to NY Pizza, but there is nothing that compares. Regular, Sicilian and a calazone, great dinner. GREAT.

Last item of the day, dessert. Uncle Carlo brought out doughnuts from Brooklyn. These are the best doughnuts I have ever had. I cannot describe how good they are. You just need to have one. Peter Pan Bakery, 727 Manhattan Ave, Greenpoint, Brooklyn. If you are ever in the area...get a chocolate sprinkle.Since it's Saturday night, I'll go ahead and steal a line. Good night and have a pleasant tomorrow.


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