Monday, July 6, 2009

I played with Baby C this weekend

My parent's and Uncle Carlo came to town this weekend. They brought a toy for Molly, which she proceeded to destroy in under 10 minutes. The part that remained was the top part of a green dog. Allison has already sewn it shut once. The squeaker still works.

Allison was laying on the couch waiting for everyone to get ready. Yes, you heard me, a pregnant Allison was waiting on the rest of us to get ready! Shocking, I know! Anyway, she was laying on the couch and I went in to check on her. She told me that Baby C was moving like crazy and to look at her stomach.

At first glance, I could see a huge bulged on the left side of her stomach. The right side looked flat. Almost a pre-pregnancy flat. Then I saw Baby C on the move. It looked like he was riding a unicycle or doing the spin move that Homer Simpson does on the ground...

Then the bulge was on the right side and the left side was flat. It was pretty crazy. Molly saw us just chilling on the couch and decided it was time to play. I threw her toy a few times, then though, I wonder what would happen....

I put the toy right next to Allison's stomach and squeaked it twice. Nothing. Did it again in a different spot. Still nothing. Third time....slight delay...then..BAM BAM. Baby C kicked or hit twice. I squeaked it again and again after about a 2 second delay, another 2 hits from the inside. We did this for about 10 minutes. It was really cool. That was the most I'd seen him move and there was actually some interaction with him. Great day.

Allison has felt him with the hiccups a few times, I haven't seen that, not sure if I can see it from the outside or not. But I'm pretty excited to play some music or read to him and see if he reacts to it again.


Jenn Corbett said...

That's really neat! I bet Allison was ready to kick YOU by the end though - her ribs are probably getting a real workout putting up with all those kicks. Not to mention was the dog going crazy while you were playing with her toy? Hehehe.

Anthony C said...

Allison was cool with it. I don't think she was as entertained as I was, but I think she was pretty into it.

Molly (the dog) was just laying in the doorway looking at us funny.

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