Saturday, July 11, 2009

What do you do when the baby comes?

Allison and I discussed where I should sleep the night Baby C is born. I had never really thought about it until now. Actually that's not true. I always assumed I would just stay at the hospital. Winnie Palmer has 2 beds in the room. One for me. One for Allison.

Why would I not stay there? No offense Molly, I love you and all, but my baby boy and my lady will be in the hospital, why would I leave? What could possibly be more important than that?

Well, here are some things that may be more important.
  1. I'll need to drive Allison and Baby C home the next day. I should be well rested.
  2. Allison will be up every few hours with Baby C to do feedings. Which will probably wake me up and again...see the well rested note from line 1.
  3. I snore. Allison needs her sleep, if my snoring keeps her awake in the hospital, I think she might murder me in my sleep.
  4. Once we get home, I think Allison will be exhausted. So I'll have to run things. I should be well rested. Again, I think murder is the result if I am asking her every 2 minutes "Honey, where is the yogurt? Honey, where are my sneakers? Honey, how long should I heat this for in the microwave? a minute? you think a minute is good enough? Honey??" Yes, pretty sure I will not last.
Those are the only reasons I can think of. My plan now is to stay for all of visiting hours and probably a little later than that, then go home and come back in the morning. Having said that, if there is a problem with Baby C or Allison, there's no way I leave that hospital. Fill me up with Vanilla Lattes, I'm not going anywhere.

Also, who knows what time she will go into labor or give birth. For some reason, I think she will be at work. Steven, Javan, other Dynetechers reading this...keep some plastic bags in your car so her water doesn't leak on your seats....and bring her to the hospital. I'll meet you guys there. If she gives birth in the evening, I'm sure I'll just stay at the hospital. Whatever happens, hospital or home, I'm glad to be in the position to get to make a decision about it. That means Baby C is here.


steven said...

I have a portable blue light read to go on top of my car. Fingers crossed , if it does happen at work that its during my lunch time

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