Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Doctor is in.

We met the doctor yesterday and my worst fears were realized. At the reception desk, I found a basket of Dum-Dum lollipops. If that wasn’t bad enough…they were all root-beer flavor! NOOOOOO!

I got there first, so I sat and waited for Allison to arrive. There were a bunch of toys, a book about a cartoon lamb and some magazines. I didn’t see any Highlights Magazines. I wonder what Goofus and Gallant have been up to?
Then 2 police officers came in. Someone had called 911 from a cell phone from the doctor’s office. They immediately called to cancel the 911 call, but the police said they still needed to investigate it. That’s a good thing. Allison finally showed up and we started our chat with the doctor.

We weren’t really sure what to ask, but in spite of that, I think we still managed to ask some good questions. She seems like a nice lady. She took her time and explained all her answers. She comes recommended by a friend, so that is an added plus. How do you go about picking a doctor? How do you know who squeaked out of medical school with a 74 and who was top of their class? Does that even matter in real world situations? I was glad to have a recommendation. I think we’ll talk to another doctor just to make sure we’re told similar things, but I’m pretty sure we found Baby C a pediatrician yesterday.

Before exiting, I left a note the suggestion box. It simply said “One, two-hoo, three!”


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