Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Sleep now or forever hold your peace

Last night I was emailing on Facebook with an old friend from my days with Computer Associates. She has a child and she said to me “as you've probably heard from everyone who has a child... it's the most amazing and exhausting experience.” I started thinking to myself, you know what, I have heard that from everyone I know that has a child. I have heard that exact statement multiple times. How is it that everyone that has a child tells you the same thing? I feel like I’m being left out of something. Or there is a secret nobody is sharing. Do they give you a pamphlet with things to say when you leave the hospital? Although an interesting theory, I highly doubt that is the case. I know it’s a life changing event, but still for everyone to say the same thing. I guess it’s similar with falling in love or finding the one. People always say, “When you know, you know.” I didn’t really believe that until I met Allison. When I met her, I knew. And now I say that same thing to people. I’ll know all about it in about 80 days or so. I’m really looking forward to it.

Some of the other advice I’ve gotten is:
Get your sleep /Sleep now, while you can: I know I’m not going to get much sleep or it will be very broken sleep, but if I get extra sleep now, will that really help? It’s not like I can bank those sleeping hours and use them when Baby C comes along. I’m a more than a little worried about lack of sleep. I have an allergic reaction to caffeine, so coffee or Mtn Dew may not be the answer. How am I going to keep myself awake? And I am prone to crankiness to begin with. I may be a nightmare to be around. Co-workers beware.

I’ve also heard:
I’ll love like I’ve never loved before. A different love than you love your wife, parents, niece or nephew.
It will completely change your life.
An older friend of mine said to me “the day before your child is born is the last good night’s sleep you’ll ever get” He’s 66, his kids are grown and he said every night before he goes to sleep he’s worried about them.

The funniest bit of advice I’ve gotten is from my neighbor Tony. I don’t know if its advice, but it’s definitely funny. He said “You only have 1 penis to worry about...I have to worry about all of them" (he has a little girl)

It’s getting closer and I can’t wait for Baby C to get here. Tonight we are meeting with a pediatrician. She comes highly recommended, so hopefully this appointment goes well. I have my questions ready.
1) Do you give out lollypops or small toys?
2) If lollypops, how many are the kids allowed? I understand giving only 1 red or 1 purple, but if he wants 2 yellows or a yellow and a green, those aren’t popular colors…give them both.
3) If Dum-dum lollypops, what’s they deal with these little lollypops. Where are the blow pops or tootsie pops?
4) I have real questions to ask too. I’ll report back tonight or tomorrow on how the appointment went.


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