Thursday, July 9, 2009

Another trip to the Doctor

Allison went for a Glucose Screening today. They are testing to see if she has Gestational Diabetes. She had to drink an extra sweet orange drink filled with 50 grams of glucose. Wait an hour, and then have blood drawn. She’ll get the results in a few days.

While she was at the doctor’s office, they listened to Baby C’s heartbeat. He was at 137 beats per minute. According to the doctor that is right where it should be. Good job little buddy! Allison’s blood pressure, measurements and weight were also in line with where they should be. I’d love to tell you what those numbers were, but I’d love more to live to see tomorrow.

They warned her that the breezy 2nd trimester is over and it’s time for the rough stuff. The challenging, hormonal, emotional, painful, uncomfortable 3rd trimester is in effect. Wish me luck…I guess wish Allison luck too.


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