Thursday, July 23, 2009

I’m feeling tired and a little delirious today.

I’m still feeling the effects of the long day of driving from Orlando to the Ft. Lauderdale and Jupiter branches then back. I won’t bore you with the work related details, but it was a good trip. The Ft. Lauderdale branch wins the award for nicest branch that I’ve visited, with Destin as a close second.

Since I was already in Ft. Lauderdale, I thought I might as well take advantage of it. I have been trying to find a Lobster Claw for Allison. She used to get a cake with Lobster Claw filling from Alpine Bakery in Smithtown…it was good stuff. We have been unsuccessful in finding them in Central Florida. I have called about 20 bakeries and most of them have never heard of them. It’s very annoying. If anyone in Central Florida knows where I can get one...let me know.

Ft.Lauderdalehas a lot of retired northerners. A lot of Italians and Jewish people, so I thought maybe one of the Italian bakeries will have them. I hit two bakeries on Las Olas Blvd and neither of them had ever heard of them. I already decided I was NOT going home empty handed. So I went to the old reliable, Kilwin’s. I picked up two chocolate covered Twinkies and a quart of Las Olas Mud! Now the problem….getting them home in the 95 degree heat while stopping for lunch with Grandma Millie and visiting the Jupiter branch.

They gave me a bucket of ice and sent me on my way. Long story short…I made it! The top third of the ice cream was a bit melted, but it froze back up just great. It was delish and a great surprise for Allison.

I left the house at 5:30 AM, so I was pretty tired. I had a good playlist going, had my Diet Dew and some Jolly Ranchers for my energy boost. The combo of being tired, all that sugar and caffeine and just being alone in the car for 7-8 hours made me a little nutty. Here are some of the things that went through my head. I’m wondering if anybody else has ever thought of these things…if you have, let me know. I’ll only give you two of them. Like I said in my first ever post, I’m here to share, not to scare.

  • When your are driving and happen to be speeding, when you get close to 88 MPH, do you say to yourself...or sometimes aloud “Let’s see if these bastards can do 90?” OR when you hit 88 MPH, do you scream to yourself...or sometimes aloud “88 MPH!!!!!!” (like Dr Emmitt Brown )

  • When you rip up a bunch of papers, do you ever say to yourself “ Dad! Dad, it's my marble bag. The Fratelli's forgot to check it. See, I emptied the marbles out and I put the jewels in. We don't have to leave the Goondocks” followed by “They’ll be no more signing today (grunt) or ever (grunt) again!!!” It goes through my head constantly when I rip papers.


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