Friday, December 4, 2009

Benjamin's Big Day Out

Yesterday Allison took Benjamin out to lunch to meet up with Deirdre and Victoria, a former co-worker and a friend, who is the wife of another former coworker. They went to Tijuana Flats. Allison, Deirdre and Victoria enjoyed delicious Mexican food, while I ate a bagel at my desk. No queso, no chips, no bueno!!!

Since I wasn't there, I can only report back what was reported to me. Victoria was kind enough to take photographs. She is an awesome photographer. You might remember the work she did at Allison's Baby Shower, well the pix she took yesterday, in my opinion, were even better. You can see more of Victoria's work at her Flickr site.

If you've never been to a Tijuana Flats, let me try to describe the place to you. It's like a 128 pack of crayola crayons, magic markers and 10 gallons of assorted paint were mixed up and splattered on every inch of the walls and ceiling. It's enough to mesmerize anybody. There was so much there for Ben to look at. I'm told he loved it.
Take a look at Benjamin and Deirdre. The wall behind them is a good sampling of the decor.
I told you guys that I spoke to Ben while he was in the womb. I spoke to him about movies, music, sports and girls. I gave him some tips on how to pick up girls, a few smooth moves like the sneak kiss and a few other tips. Well, it appears that he was listening.

I told him, "If you have a good smile, you don't need a good line" Picking up girls is a lot like a business negotiation or a court trial. It's not only knowing what to say, it's also knowing what not to say. If you don't have a good pick up line, but you have a good smile, just smile and say, Hi, I'm Benjamin.

Ben can't speak yet, but that didn't stop him from trying to pick up the ladies. Look at the big smile he gave to Deirdre. Sorry buddy, she has a boyfriend and she's a little too old for you, but I like your style. Keep up the good work little man.
Ben was exhausted by the end of lunch, he got cranky for a few minutes then fell asleep. The girls all said how cute and well behaved he was. I can't argue with them. He really has been a wonderful baby.

I think I need to be more careful when I listen to Eminem and the hand gestures I make while driving. He may have seen me do this a few times, but I'm going to try to place the blame on his mother.
I hope everyone has a good weekend, less than 3 weeks til Christmas and a only a week until Hanukkah, better finish up your shopping. Oh, for those in the Orlando Area Magic 107.7 is playing Christmas Music 24/7 from now through Christmas Day. And if anybody is looking for a place to donate toys for charity this year, check out XL106.7 Baby DJ Toy Drive.


Victoria said...

It was a very fun lunch and you do have a very wonderful and well behaved baby! Deirdre was in shock that he didn't cry. Glad you liked the photos.

Anthony C said...

the pix were great. Glad you gals had a good lunch.

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