Monday, August 3, 2009

Stop.....shower time

Allison's Baby Shower was on Saturday. She had a great time and got plenty of wonderful gifts. We'll be going through them for weeks...if we were normal people that is. However, since one of us is not normal, all the gifts will be put away before this weekend hits.
I would like to publicly thank people now. I hope none of you embarrass easily, tens of people read this blog, I'm not sure how to finish that on to the thank yous.
Aunt Kristin: You had already earned Aunt status with your bruschetta, queso and guac, but after the shower you just cemented it ;) Seriously, thanks for throwing Allison a great shower. She had a great time and at least 1 guest said it was the best baby shower she'd ever been to. If throwing the shower, making the diaper cake and the clothesline game wasn't enough, you gave us a gift too! You are going to spoil us. Thanks for everything.

Grandmas Ellen & Betty Lou: Kristin's little helpers. Thanks for helping Kristin, it was a big job and couldn't be done alone.

Great Grandma Millie, Kristin's mom Jane, Papa Tony: Thanks for helping set everything up.

Uncle Mark: Thanks for the beer and picking up chairs and balloons and all the other things Kristin asked you to do. I'm sure she drove you a little bit crazy, but Allison (and I) really appreciated it.

Dona & David: Thanks for Baby C's Mets gear and item for the time capsule. Fingers crossed David Price rookie card. We'll find out in 18 years.

Thank you to everyone else who brought juice, soda, cups, plates and anything else that was brought. Allison will send out proper thank you notes soon, but thanks to everyone who came or sent a gift to Allison or Baby C.

I wasn't allowed to stay at the shower, so I don't know what went on, but I have an idea from Victoria's excellent pictures. Here are a few of my favorites.

Good eats: Looks like salads, quiche, breads, fruit, shrimp cocktail...
Dessert table: 4 types of cake and a cookie tray...NICE
Allison says "HEY!!! I"m out of cake over here!!!" Just kidding. It's time for gifts.
This is a really cute bear outfit with ears on top. Also I think Allison looks beautiful in this picture.
Dona & David's New York Mets gear. Hopefully they will stop sucking soon so I'm not embarrassed to put Baby C in them.
Baby C's bedding. Pretty cute monkey right? There is a matching lamp in there too.
A quick break for an artistic shot. Another great photo from Victoria.
Kristin's clothesline gift. It went around the whole room, that's awesome...but I've been meaning to speak to her about the mini-m&ms. She KNOWS that I cannot have chocolate! Why do you tease me so?
This bear came from Edible Arrangements. Apparently there is quite the custody battle going on over him. Everyone thinks he's very cute.
Lastly, the party favors. They are notepads that say Allison's Baby Shower w/date and a cute baby in a tub. Hope you enjoyed this post, the shower and thanks again to all of you who helped, attended, sent a gift, send well wishes and anyone who reads my blog.


Victoria S said...

It was definitely one of the most lovely showers I have ever been to! And Allison looks fantastic. I had to restrain myself from rubbing her belly, haha. Glad the pictures came in handy! I had fun taking them.

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