Friday, August 21, 2009

A Special Gift

This afternoon Allison's co-workers threw her a Tea-Party themed Baby Shower. They did a really nice job. Allison had a great time and I enjoyed seeing all my old co-workers. Once I get the pictures from Amanda, I will post about the actual shower, but for now, I'll only be talking about the gifts.

I want to start off by saying I like and appreciate every gift that was given today. We got a lot of stuff we needed, some fun stuff, gift cards and some clothes. Thank you very much for everyone who attended and to those who gave a gift.

Having said that, there was one gift in particular that I loved. It could quite possibly make it into the top 5 gifts of all time. I think it ranks just below my Wii, but above my Guitar Hero. But seriously, I love this gift. I want to take the rest of this post to thank Amanda, Ashley and Allison (not my Allison. My Allison's manager is also named Allison)

They took my blog, this blog you are reading right now and turned it into a book.
They included every post from the blog and put it into the book. I made it a little hard on them because, as I was told today, I can be "wordy." But they got every last word I wrote and have left a few blank pages for future posts.
They didn't just print it out and put the pages into the book. They did it scrapbook style. Who knew they were scrappers? What are scrappers you ask? That's easy, scrappers are women(or men) who scrapbook. It's not my term, I got it from a movie. Apparently that's what they like to be called.
They put stickers that say "Cutie" or "It's a boy" on some pages and the pages themselves are not just white paper. Most of the pages have fancy designs on them. Anyway, I don't know if it's tacky that my favorite gift is a printout of words I've written, but I think it's awesome and very thoughtful of them to take the time to print it out and put it together like that. I've kinda been obsessed with the blog. I'm glad people are reading it, enjoying it and now I have a hard copy of it to show Baby C one day. It's always good to have a hard copy. You never know, Al Gore may take the internet away from us one day. I can see it now, Bill Cosby Himself style "I created the internet, I can take it away from you!"

I wish I would have thought of it sooner, but it would have been a great idea for Allison and I to take a picture with Allison, Ashlee and Amanda. That picture would have gone right here. Thanks again to everyone and have a good weekend.


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