Monday, August 24, 2009

Diet & Exercise Plan week 1

So here we go, listed below are the exercises I did last week. I did good with my dieting too. No Rice Crispy treats or soda during the week. Had a Sprite on Saturday and half a can of root beer on Sunday.

Heading back to Saturday night.
Saturday - 6 sets of 12 OZ Curls
Sunday - 30 pushups. 40 crunches. Mowed lawn.
Monday - 20 pushups, chest workout, 60 minute run/walk
Tuesday - 10 pushups, biceps workout, assisted chin ups (4 hand grips), abs
Wednesday - 25 Pushups, leg workout, abs
Thursday - 20 pushups
Friday - 30 pushups, abs
Saturday- 20 pushups, 1.8 mile run
Sunday- 10 pushups walked the veggie aisle 5 or 6 times, stairs in my house about 20 times,

Started the week out strong...tailed off a bit, but I'm happy I did something.


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