Monday, November 30, 2009

November 30th, 25 Days til Christmas

It's November 30th. The last day of November, the last day of hurricane season and the last day before my Christmas spirit kicks in. Well, that's if things follow as they have in years past. Since Ben has been born, I've changed so much, I have no idea how I'll react.

We put up the tree and decorated the house this weekend. I had fun doing the tree and the inside of the house, but I had no interest or desire to do the lights outside. Even walking around on the roof didn't make it fun for me. It's crazy because last year I was so excited about it. What's changed since last year?

Another change I've noticed is that I no longer have patience for Molly's shenanigans. She was mad about being left alone at my in-laws house for Thanksgiving and has been pooping in the house every day since. In the past I would be ok with it. I'd say "It's ok, she's still mad at us." But now, I'm over it. The 2nd time she pooped I asked Allison if we could sell her or donate her to the Ronald McDonald house. She's still a good girl and I'll never get rid of her, but ever since Ben arrived, she's definately dropped way down on my list. If I was to make a list of my favorite's in my house, It would go something like this. 1) Ben & Allison (a tie for first) 2) Ben 3) Allison 4, 5, 6) Ben 7) Molly. She's dropped from 2nd to 7th. That hurts. Good thing she can't read.

Anyway, back to a more cheeeful subject. Christmas! Over the next few weeks, I'll list out my favorite Christmas movies, cartoons, Christmas moments and Christmas songs.Here is a list of my favorite Christmas songs.

  • The Happiest Christmas Tree - Nat King Cole. I first head it when I was 18 and working at Kids R Us. It's awesome. It's sung by the tree.
  • Baby Please Come Home - U2 - How often do you get to rock out to Christmas Carols?
  • Christmas in Hollis - Run DMC - How often can you rap along with christmas Carols?
  • I Wish it was Christmas Today - SNL - Something about Tracy Morgan that is hilarious in this video.
  • Home for the Holidays - The Carpenters - Another R Us classic. Can't you just see me dancing around the store like an idiot to this one? Sorry about the first 30 seconds of the video.

  • Merry F**king Christmas - Mr. Garrison - VERY OFFENSIVE...NOT SAFE FOR LITTLE EARS, but hillarious. I can't show the video here...but it you want to hear the link. Mr Garrison - Merry F**king Christmas
  • The Christmas Shoes - Newsong - A touching song. It almost makes me cry every Christmas.

  • It Must Have Been Ol Santa Claus - Harry Connick Jr - Another R Us favorite that was drilled into my head during my retail days.
  • Happy Christmas - John Lennon - This is just a great song. If you disagree with me, I will fight you.

  • Dominick The Donkey - Lou Monte - Great song. I found a really awesome video for it.

Ok, I could go on all day doing this. Here is the last one for today...
  • All I Want for Christmas is You - Mariah Carey - Great song, I've never seen the video before, it's not bad.

This is why you have to buy the DVD. It's not as funny on TBS without full scenes like this.

OK OK...NOW I'm done. Stay tuned for more Christmas posts.


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