Sunday, December 20, 2009

Making Benjamin Smile

Yesterday we went to game night at Victoria's house (Thanks for having us.) We needed to stop for gas on the way. I got out to pump and decided to check up on Ben who was sitting snug in his car seat.

I started making faces at him. We've all seen people making funny faces at babies, but how often to we see ourselves making funny faces at babies? I don't think it's very often or we'd stop doing it. I could see my reflection in the tinted windows of our car and I looked like an idiot. Completely ridiculous. I looked like a mix between Fire Marshall Bill, Pee-Wee Herman and Mr. Bean.

Somehow I figured out that the word Superman makes Ben laugh. Especially if I stretch out the S in the beginning. "SSSSssssssuperMan." He loves it, but I recently heard myself saying it on camera and I sound like an idiot when I say it. Thankfully I don't embarrass easily. I can count the times I was really embarrassed on one hand so I have no plans to stop. I just think it's funny how we will make ourselves look and sound so stupid for the amusement of our kids.

5 days til Christmas. Woo-Hooo


KarmaPearl said...

I'm still groggy this morning, so when I read your comment about getting out and pumping the first thing that came to mind was breast-pumping, and I got so confused I think I actually smelled smoke coming from my brain.

Then I realized you were talking about pumping gas, and I felt much better. Not that I pass judgements, but I was quite perplexed for a few moments.

Babies eat brain cells. Kind of like zombies.

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