Thursday, December 30, 2010

Best of 2010

This is going to be a little harder than writing my Best of 2009 post. My 2009 was documented. Possibly over documented right here on this blog. I did very little blogging in 2010. I'll have to make this list by memory (Oh dear God) or by looking back at pictures. Just like last year, I'm sure I'll leave something or someone out. If you's like to add something to the list, comment below. And now..onto my list

1) Had a dance party with Allison and Ben to Neil Sedaka - Waking Up Is Hard to Do
2) Water pipe burst. Not a best moment, but very memorable. 1/10/10
3) Watching the NY Jets playoff run. It stopped in Indy, but it was a great unexpected thrill.
Favorite post: Almost 4 Months Old

1) Ben's photoshoot with Victoria Shade.
2) Watching the Winter Olympics
3) Opening a Garden City office with a stomach bug during a snow storm.
Favorite post: (only post of February) A Really Long Time

1) Trip to NY for Danny & Bridgette's Wedding.
2) Taking Ben to see his first Mets game. In true Mets fashion, they lost to the Braves in extra innings.
3) Lunch at Hooters with my old CA crew.
4) I wont tickets to In The Heights - Broadway Across America.
Favorite Post: It's a Nightmare

1) Ben started crawling (I think)
2) Great American Pie Festival - Yes! It's as awesome as it sounds. We were even on the CBS Early Show. 1:40 mark
3) Ran a 12K (7.46 miles)
4) Personal best 5K - 4/24/10 - 27:45
Favorite Post: I'm a Bad Dad

1) Ben started cruising (I think)
2) Ben took Survival Swimming
3) Family trip to Cocoa Beach and I got a new hat at Ron Jon.
Favorite Post: Poop, Poop, Poop

1) Disney Vacation!
2) My 34th Bday
3) I got World cup Fever
4) My 1st fathers day and the 1st annual Father's Day eve poker game.
Favorite Post: Disney Vacation Day 1, Day 2, Day 3 A, Day 3 B

1) July 4th vacation on Miami Beach
2) Allison got a new car (new to her. It's a 2008 Honda Pilot)
3) Ben had ice cream for the first time.
Favorite Post: Dad vs Parent

1) Went to NY for work and got to go to my niece's 5th birthday party
2) I got to see Citi-Field for the first time (only the outside)
3) Started writing for a
Favorite Post: (only post of August) Bi-Weekly Update

1) Ben's 1st Birthday
2) Ben took his first steps - at the babysitter's house!
3) Ben's 1st Birthday party - we had
4) Allison's birthday. I made her an AWESOME BBQ King Crab dinner
5) Ben's first haircut
Favorite Post: Happy 1st Birthday Benjamin

1) Ben started walking full-time
2) Trick or Treating with Ben and his friends
3) Weekend beach getaway with my wife's family from NY
Favorite Post: Today Was a Good Day

1) Thanksgiving in NY visiting with friends and family
2) Playing Bingo for the first time at Foxwoods Casino
3) Taking Ben to the Yo Gabba Gabba show.
Favorite Post: Fun in the Sandbox

1) Watching Ben open gifts for Hanukkah and Christmas
2) Going to see Jay's Lights with Ben, family and friends.
3) Hearing that Ben got his first kiss.
Favorite Post: NONE

OK. Onto my favorite things of 2010
Favorite moment of 2010: Ben's birthday. We were supposed to have 94 people at the party. Due to sickness and Disney on Ice, we ended up with 76 people! It's a wonder feeling that that many people wanted to celebrate Ben's birthday with us.
Favorite song: Don't Stop Believin' - Glee (shut up! don't judge me LOL)
Favorite CD: Eminem - Recovery
Favorite movie - Drama: Extraordinary Measures
Favorite movie - Comedy: Date Night or Little Fockers or She's Out of my League
Favorite move - Action: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows pt1
Favorite new show: Raising Hope

Favorite gadget:
iphone 3GS
Favorite App: Angry Birds Seasons
Favorite Website: Facebook & Twitter
Favorite Radio Station: XL106.7
Favorite LOL Moment: Taking Ben out of the bathtub and holding him over the toilet because I saw him trying to poop.


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