Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Almost 4 Months Old

It's been a while since I've written anything. Ben is getting so big now. I've been a little busy hanging out with Ben and Allison. Also fixing busted plumbing, running, doing a photoblog and freezing my butt off in Central Florida!

There have been a few firsts since my last post. First up, Ben has started rolling over from his tummy onto his back. Mostly he does it in the morning and mostly to his right, but he has done it at other times of the day and gone to his left too. Ben, trust me, don't be like George Costanza. You need to be able to make a move to the left and the right.

Next up, Ben has been playing with his toys more and more. He has a bouncer that he used to just sit in and look around. Now he is grabbing the toys on the bar and can even make music play. I think he knows he's doing it. After he makes the music play, he wiggles around and puts his hands in his mouth.
Another toy he's been playing with alot is his My First Bear toy. He hugs it, shakes it around and like everything else he grabs, he tries to put it in his mouth.
The last first that I'll talk about is Ben's first injury. Allison and I had him sitting up on his play mat. We let him balance himself and when he starts to go over, we grab him and sit him upright again. Well, I was watching him and I let him get a little to far past balanced and he fell away from me. I thought "no biggie. I'll grab him before his head hits the mat." And I would have, but Allison's knee was in the "drop zone" and his head hit her knee. That head hitting knee thud is a sickening sound. The crying that followed was also a little disturbing. He was happy again after a few minutes, but I felt like a scumbag. I apologized to him and told him to be perfectly honest, it probably wouldn't be the last time I accidentally hurt him. I can already picture him running inside to get an ice pack and a kiss from mommy when he is learning to play catch, hit a ball, ride a bike and many other activities that he'll somehow get hurt doing.

I'll make it a point to write more often. At least once or twice a week.


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