Friday, August 13, 2010

Bi-Weekly Update

Hey guys. I planned to do a weekly update, but I got sick, then Allison got a new job, then last week was completely nuts and I haven't had a chance to write. I had to go to NY and NJ for work. It was pretty cool because along with working, I also got to meet my new niece and attend my other niece's 5th birthday party.

Work was good. I drove around the city across the bridges, which is always fun/annoying. I drove next to CitiField. I really wanted to stay an extra night and go to a game, but I missed Ben and Allison too much and I made sure I made the flight.

In other news, Allison and I started working for We are both writing and doing some behind the scene stuff. We are still in Beta right now, but I'm excited about it.

This is a blog about Ben, so let me get to him. Ben is doing much better. We thought he was teething and that was causing him to be cranky, but no teeth yet, so he must have caught a bug.

He is awesome at standing now. You can see that he wants to walk, but he still secures himself by grabbing onto something before he steps. He did pick a foot up and maybe move it an inch without holding onto anything, but I'm not going to count that as a step. Sorry buddy.

Ben LOVES eating. He doesn't want baby food anymore. He wants real food. He loves chicken, peas, carrots, cheerios and most of all cheese. Something else Ben loves...the TELEPHONE. He holds it to his ear and screams into it.

Exciting news...Ben has an appointment for his first haircut next week!

It's been difficult to take good pix and vids since anytime he sees a phone or camera he goes after it, but here are a few recent pics and vids.

Ben and his monkey just chillin

Hi, I'd like to order a pizza!

This Facebook stuff is hard.

Ben enjoying dinner

Ben standing and hugging


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