Monday, May 24, 2010

Poop, poop, poop

We've all heard of the book "everybody poops" and it's true, everybody poops. There is nothing more disgusting or funny than poop & poop jokes.

Exhibit A - Hilarious.

Anyway, recently Ben decided it would be fun to poop in the bathtub. He's pooped in the tub 2 out of his last 3 baths. The first time, he was just sitting in the tub, playing with his toys and I heard a grunt. His face turned red and we knew poop was coming. Allison picked him up and we were able to keep the poop out of his little tub, but it landed in the big tub. We were cleaning up a little bit and moving the poop aside, when Ben decided to pee! It went in the tub, off the wall, onto his leg. That was a fun bath time, but we survived it.

The next time we weren't so lucky. Ben was in the tub and he got us with a sneak attack. I picked him up, but 4 or 5 milk dud sized poops popped out and landed in his tub. We ended up washing him by holding him over the tub. And just like last time he peed again and it got all over the wall and the floor.

Exhibit B - funny and funnier

He doesn't just poop in the bathtub, he also poops in swimming pools too! We were at a 1st birthday party for one of Ben's friends. I got into the pool with him and we floated, splashed and played for about an hour. I brought him to the side of the pool and Allison was like "uh-oh I smell something."

His diaper was full with poop! The swimmy diaper and his bathing suit kept the poop in, we had a fun time changing him...and I had to make the announcement to everyone that "the water is really cold today guys. Ben wants me to tell you the water is really cold!" (Shrinkage....Seinfeld....anybody??) I didn't have to make the statement, but it was pretty funny.

Exhibit C - pool poop


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