Thursday, May 13, 2010

PSA - The More You Know

Remember those PSAs when we were growing up. NBC had "the more you know" (I think they still do them) and there was this one that still sticks out in my mind today.

It's the one where the kids gets caught doing drugs...the father said "Who taught you to do this stuff???" "YOU ALRIGHT!!!! I learned it by watching you!" Remember that one?

Well it's true. Even from a very young age, kids learn from watching us. I had a cold about a month and a half ago. Towards the end of the cold, allergy season kicked in HARD and I got a bad cough. I had this cough for about 3 weeks.

Well, my cough is gone, but now Ben has a cough. The little bugger copied my cough! It's the cutest thing. He coughs, then looks around at us, smiles and coughs some more. How do you even fix that? I guess he'll stop eventually when he doesn't hear us coughing...but holy crap. This little guy is like a sponge.


Eric said...

that dad was destroyed when his son threw it back at him wasn't he??

i wish my 2yo son would learn how to go to the potty by watching me. he just wants to crap his diaper...

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