Sunday, May 30, 2010

It was a good day and a bad day

This morning Allison made a test batch of homemade buttermilk pancakes. They were really good. Not sure if they were that much better than the "just add water" box pancakes or if it was worth the trouble, but they were good.

We gave Ben some pancake. He liked it. He ate about a 1/4 pancake. I decided this was the day to let Ben eat off of his monkey plate.
He really didn't need it and he barely used it, but I enjoyed watching him play with it.

Now to the bad part of my day. I'll start with a little background. I used to work at Babies R Us. I worked in the Baby Gear department (car seats, high chairs, pack-n-plays) and I was employee of the month. I install my own car seats and have done it for family and friends.

This afternoon I tried to install a Graco My Ride 65 car seat in a Hyundai Tucson. It kicked my ass. I was out there for over 2.5 hours. I tried latch in the center seat. Seat belt in the center seat. Latch in the passenger seat, seat belt in the passenger seat. NOTHING WORKED. The seat moved all over the place (2 to 4 inches) and that's just not gonna work.

Graco - what's up with you? What is this piece? Why do I need to use this lock thing with the seat belt? Time to rework that idea.
I had to give up. Tomorrow is another day. At one point I threw my hat onto the ground. Later on I kicked it clear across the garage. When I was starting my father-in-law asked if I needed help. I said "I got this, thanks. But if I'm not inside in 20 minutes, start bringing me beers." I was only kidding, but I think beer could have helped. It definitely wouldn't have hurt.

I'm going to test it out in my car tomorrow. Maybe the combination of car seat and car I'm working with just isn't going to work. Stay tuned for tomorrow's update, I'll let you know how the install went.


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