Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A first??

Something crazy happened last night. I think for the first time ever, I was the first person to see Ben do something for the first time! Usually I'll tell Allison "I saw Ben do this today" and she'll say "I know. He did that the other day." Or she'll say "I know, he did that at my mom's house on Monday."

Well last night Allison was out and I was home alone with Ben. We were playing in his playroom. I was laying on the couch watching him play with his blocks and a monkey car, then something interested him and he had to investigate it. He did his Army crawl over to the couch, lifted himself up and tried to grab my feet.

I had on black socks with gold toes. He was trying hard to grab them, but since I had those socks on for about 13 hours, I wasn't going to let him grab them. He then tried to reach for them with his mouth too. I thought "Buddy, you don't even know how gross that is"

I needed to stop the attack on my feet, so I made his Fisher Price Play Table make noise. He started to do a dance, then slowly (very slowly - 3-5 minutes) he shuffled his way along the couch over to the table. He was so proud of himself. He celebrated by mashing the buttons on his table and screeching with delight when it made music.


twistedxtian said...

That's so exciting! Yay Benjamin!

Anthony C said...

thanks man. I'll be looking forward to a similar post from you in the next month or so.

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