Friday, October 7, 2011

God Bless You

You think you have no time? Wait until you have a kid or two kids. Holy cow. I have so little free time now it's crazy. I can't imagine how people with 3 or more kids find time to do anything. I'm sure things will get easier once we get into a routine. It's only been 2 weeks.

It's strange that I need to prioritize my evening like I'm at work. I used to get away with doing nothing until after watching our shows. There's plenty of time, I'll just do that later. Well now, that's impossible. There is not enough time later. It's come down to: What's more important today, blogging or a shower. As you can tell by this post, I chose blogging. So you can then come to the conclusion that I also chose being dirty and smelling poorly. ;)

Ben has been a great big brother so far. He loves his little sister. He wakes up looking for her and shows her all his toys. When she cries he comes to get one of us. If she's sleeping, he makes sure she has her pacifier. He even gave her his pacifier once, but it was just a loaner. He needed it back when it was time for bed.

It's so cool watching him interact with her. He knows she's part of the family and he has to be good to her. How does he know that? We've been telling him about the baby in mommy's belly and reading him the 'I'm a big brother' books. Did he really comprehend all of that? Can he really get it? Look at the big brain on Ben. Good job little man!

Here is a little video of the two kids. If you can't make it out, he's saying "Bless you"


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