Friday, March 25, 2011

What have you been up to?

It's been almost 2 months since the last update, I'm sure your wondering what we've been up to.

Ben has lots of teeth now. He has 4 on top, 4 on bottom and half a molar on bottom. If you look and feel inside his mouth, he has 4 more teeth coming in. Poor little guy has his hands in his mouth most days now, he's a little clingy too, but I'll take that over some of the other teething horror stories I've heard.

Ben has gotten pretty handy with a spoon & fork too. Just this morning, he fed himself a bowl of Cheerios & Milk. 

He tries to dress himself, he's good at putting on shoes (both mine and his), but only slip-on shoes. He hasn't quite grasped the Loop, Swoop & Pull technique yet.
He enjoys spending time with his best friend Molly. He does a dance while screeching when we first get home and then he walks her in the back yard.

 Like his daddy, Ben's favorite food group is ice cream. He's able hold an ice cream cone and eat it all by himself. I think some of it actually goes in his mouth, but a lot of it goes on his face.

 Some of it goes on his shirt too.
He found out how fun it is to play with a roll of toilet paper. Don't play with it too much buddy. You may need to spare a square one day.
During our last playdate, he got to drive a tractor, well he sat in the seat, then he went for a ride on the tractor.

 Most recently he's learned the joys of sidewalk chalk. He has tried to color with crayons and Crayola color magic markers, but he doesn't put enough pressure, so you can't see much. The chalk was gold!
 Is he a righty?

 Or a lefty?

 Either way, he's very messy.
 Good boy, he even helps clean up.
Ben takes lots of trips to Disney World with Grammy and Poppy.
Here are some of the best shots of their time and some new friend.

Ben says "Hold on Poppy, I'm dropping the hammer" (Days of Thunder...anyone???)

I have so many more pictures and stories, but not a lot of time to put them all here. Check back this weekend. I'll have more stuff posted.


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