Thursday, March 31, 2011

Flu Shots, The Flu and Prophylactics

I don't embarrass easily, but I got pretty embarrassed last month.
We just recently found out that Allison was pregnant. It was still early, she hadn't even been to the doctor for her 6 week sonogram.

Anyway, Ben was really sick. We took him to the doctor and it turns out he had the flu. How could he get the flu? He had the flu shot. Allison stayed home with Ben. I didn't really want her near him, you never want a pregnant lady to get sick. So I left work early to spend some time with Ben and keep Allison away from him. I wasn't worried about getting sick. I had a flu shot. Bring it on.

Ben and I had a lot of fun. We watched Toy Story 1 & 2 a lot. We played in his play room and ate ice pops.

Allison and I were worried that she would get sick, so she called the doctor. She left a message, then she had to go to a function for work. When the doctor's office called back, I took the call. Yikes!

I explained the situation. Here's about how the conversation went:
ME: My wife is 4 or 5 weeks pregnant, but my son has the flu. Is there anything she can take or do?
NURSE: Has she been to the doctor yet?
ME: No, she has an appointment for next week.
NURSE: Hmmm, so you say she's pregnant, but she hasn't seen the doctor yet.???
ME: (getting pissed) Yeah! 4 positive pregnancy tests, I'm pretty sure she's pregnant.
NURSE: I will fax a prescription for Tamiflu and keep her away from your son.
ME: OK thanks.
NURSE: I'll fax it over. She has to take this prophylactic until it's finished and make sure she stays confined in a clean room.
ME: Um..wait, what? How does she have to take this medicine?
NURSE: It's a prophylactic, it just means preventative. It's a tablet form. Just take it with a glass of water.
ME: Oh. OK, thank you.

Fast forward to two weeks later. Ben is better and we are at Allison's doctor appointment.
It's a new nurse since Allison's first pregnancy, so we did our introductions. Allison says "We spoke, remember, my son had the flu"

The nurse immediately turns to me and says "YES! I remember talking to you about prophylactics! You gave me a good laugh that day. Prophylactic Man." The rest of the appointment went well. I went to my own doctor's appointment right after that...and it turns out I caught the flu too! Thanks Ben.

Since I was home from work for a few days, I decided to look up the definition of "Prophylactic."  I thought it was a condom. who knew it had another or a real definition. It's been added to the list of words that have thrown me for a loop/embarrassed me. (see: Invalid ME: "What's an invalid motor coach?" Teacher: "You mean In-va-lid?" ME: confused stare.. )

1. A medicine or course of action used to prevent disease.
2. A condom


twistedxtian said...

Congrats on the pregnancy! Yay for prophylactics, or the lack thereof. :D

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