Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Best and Worst of the Weekend - Sick, Sick, Sick

Before I get into my best and worst of the weekend I wanted to bring up something I mentioned a while back. Another celebrity died today and that's all that people are Tweeting or Facebooking about.

You can search back six months and I bet you don't find any posts about Heavy D in your timeline. I think he would have wanted to hear how many people loved his music and appreciated him as an artist. Pick a celebrity you enjoy and give them a tribute while they are still alive.Heavy D's most popular song had to be "Now that we found love" but my favorite song of his was "We got our own thang"

Pick your favorite 90s song and ask your local radio station to play it. Send an email to Fred Savage and thank him for The Wonder Years. Or write a happy blog post, tweet or status update about someone. This is my third installment of Best and Worst of the weekend, that was inspired by Dan Patrick and the Dan Patrick show.

This week's best and worst of the weekend are actually the same thing.
Worst of the weekend - Ben was sick and I had to spend the last 4 days taking care of him.
Best of the weekend - Ben was sick and I got to spend the last 4 days taking care of him.

Friday night before bed, I was putting on a puppet show for him. It was to the part of the show where the sheep puppet picks a volunteer from the audience and tickles them. I noticed that Ben felt warm. I took his temp and it was 103.5! Holy KTU that's hot!

I looked at Allison and said "Bye bye!" I made her take the baby and get away from me and Ben. I can take care of him. It's ok if I get sick, but I can't have my 7 week old baby or my wife who takes care of her getting sick. Sorry. Take a hike. You're both quarantined until further notice.

I was about to read her the riot act or even better, the "DFS" quote by Dustin Hoffman in Outbreak, but she went upstairs without a fight. That left Ben and I alone for 4 days.

Ben was a brave boy at the doctor on Monday. We called the doctor back when his temp hit 104.7. She told us if he hits 105, take him to the emergency room. I got dressed and stayed dressed for the next 4 or 5 hours just so I would be ready if we needed to roll. When I went to bed, I laid out clothes next to the bed. so I could be ready at a moment's notice. Luckily we didn't have to take him. 

What do you do with a sick 2 year old? We played with a lot of toys and watched A LOT of television. That's what you're supposed to do with a sick boy. Wear pajamas, eat ice pops and watch TV. Here's a list of what we watched and an estimate of how many times we watched it:

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse - 10 episodes.
Jake and the Neverland Pirates - 3 episodes
Sesame Street - 2 episodes
Thomas and Friends - 12 episodes
Chuggington - 5 episodes
Yo Gabba Gabba - 1 episode
Full House - 30 minutes of clips on YouTube
Cars - twice
Cars 2 - three times
Pixar Shorts - twice
The Little Mermaid - 1/2 of it, then we switched to Cars 2
Tangled - Once
Football - one half on Saturday, Three quarters on Sunday

I honestly feel like I left some shows out. All the kid shows start to look like the same show after a while. His fever broke this afternoon. During a nap, he sweat through his shirt and soaked his pillow. His temperature hasn't gone above 99.2 since. I hope I didn't jinx it. We'll find out soon because I'm going to check him again when I go to bed in a few minutes

One thing I learned this week - Chuggington is a good substitute for Thomas and Friends, but the theme song is very catchy. It's been in my head since Saturday morning. "Chugga-chugga-chugga-chugga-Chuggington!"


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